10:15 PM ---

At a nearby clinic...

      “Omo...will Hongki be okay, Jaejin?” Min hwan ask nervously in the waiting room as Hongki and Jonghun was in the doctor’s room.
      “I don’t know...Minhwan...but hopefully he’ll be okay.”
      “Mianhae...It’s all my faults... If only I don’t come to the party with you guys...this wouldn’t happen.”
      “Anio...Hyun Ae...It’s not your fault...” The voice came from behind them.
      “Oppa!” Hongki was out from the doctor’s room with Jonghun by his side; he looks pale.
      “Anio, Hyun Ae...Hongki was right, it wasn’t your fault...Hongki was feeling unwell since before the concert started; but he didn’t want our prims to be upset, so he showed up even know he’s not in a great shape.” Jonghun said as he helps Hongki.
“Oppa…” she still felt bad about what happen to Hongki; she decided to nurse Hongki even though he ordered her to leave earlier.

At Ft Island dorm...
      “Anio! I won’t leave Hongki oppa alone! I made him into this so I better fix it...I won’t leave him until he was 100% cured” Hyun Ae puts a warm soak towel on Hongki’s forehead.
      “It wasn’t your fault to be started with, Hyun Ae!” Jaejin tries explaining to her again.
      “Yeah, Hyun Ae, you should be headed home now...your parents must be worried sick about you...” Minhwan continues.
      “Anio...If it wasn’t for me, oppa won’t be freezing at the bus stop! I won’t leave until he’s okay!” sits at the chair hesitated on moving away.
      “What are we going to do now, leader?” Jaejin started to worry.
Leader Jonghun suddenly rise from his chair and approaches Hyun Ae; she looks nervous.
      “Are sure you want to do this, Hyun Ae?” Jonghun ask gently. She didn’t answer and just nod.
      “But what if something came up and your dad decides to settle things with us personally...then what will you do, Hyun Ae?” He looks down at her as she was still silence; now her expressions change.
      “What will you do if suddenly your dad makes a fuss about this and said we’re the ones who take you hostage or something?” there’s a silent in the room.
      “You don’t right, Hyun Ae?” He smirks.
      “Then...Jaejin, go cal a cab to send Hyun Ae home.” Jonghun ordered; and when Jaejin just about to dial the taxi service number,
      “Anio...I will take the full responsibility on any consequences that may acquired by my actions. So, you don’t have to worry about it, leader...and I’m still not going to leave here until oppa cured.” Hyun Ae is now standing in front of leader Jonghun.
      “What, now? Leader?” Jaejin still had the phone on his hand. Jonghun approaches Hyun Ae;
      “If you say so, Hyun Ae...” patting Hyun Ae’s head, giving her a warm smile. Jaejin just hung up the phone then smile at her.
      “Kamsahamnida, Jonghun oppa!” bows at Jonghun. The guys lift Hongki to his room to make sure he got his rest.

In Hongki’s room

      “You should take a rest too, Hyun Ae...” Order leader Jonghun as Hyun Ae’s looks tired.
      “You can take my bed...Hyun Ae, as mine was the closes to Hongki’s room” Offers Jaejin then.
“Anio...oppa, I’ll take a rest when he’s asleep. Gomawo Jaejin, but...mianhae, I prefer to sit here, with oppa; in case he needs anything.” She said as sitting beside Hongki.
“You guys should go and take a must be really tired after your concert and the party.” She said as looking at they tired faces.
“Oh, arasso...I’m going to bed now”
“Eh?” Min hwan pushes the clueless Jaejin out of the room.
“Yeah, we better let Hongki too, Hyun Ae...don’t be up too lated...arasso?” the leader ordered.
“Arasso, oppa...I’ll get to sleep as soon as Hongki oppa takes his medicine. Hyun Ae and Hongki were left alone now; she quickly takes the medicine plastic bag and prepares some plain water for the idol.
“Oppa? Wake up,’s time for your medicine...”
“Eh? Hyun Ae? What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be home now? It’s past 4am now” He spoke slowly as he was still feeling dizzy.
“Gwenchanayo, oppa...i’m not going home today.”
“What about your dad?” He grabs her wrist.
      “Stop it, oppa...I made up my mind...I don’t want to think about it yet...” She didn’t look at Hongki when speaking.
      “Until when?”
      “At least until you cured, oppa...” she still avoiding eye contact with the idol. They both stay silence that night as Hyun Ae orders Hongki to get a rest after taking the medicine.

The next morning...

It’s 10am already and Hyun Ae forgot to leave a massage to Yoon Jun telling him she was going to be home late the next day; so that he can tell Mr. Seong that Hyun Ae was sleeping over at Yoon Jun’s house.
      “Omo! I’m dead!” she talks loud in the bathroom.
      “Hyun Ae, are you alright in there?” Hongki speaks behind the door; he was cured right after his long rest last night, he even woke Hyun Ae up that morning.
“Omo...nothing, oppa I just forgot my tooth brush...”
I can’t let him know I’m worried bout this thing right now…
“Toothbrush? You can use’s the red one” right after Hongki said that, he heard a loud sound in the bathroom;
“Omo...Hyun Ae? Are you alright? What’s that noise?”
“Nothing oppa...I just slip...I mean...My pail slip from my’s just my pail” Hyun Ae tries to stand again after the fall; she was in pain indeed. ‘I can’t tell him I just fall after being too shock coz he told me to used his toothbrush!’
“Eh? You use a pail when having your bath?”
“Eh? A..anio...i used it to wash my dirty cloths; I’m a pretty clean person.” She answer as standing behind the door.
“Oh...arasso, be careful, the floor was pretty slippery; we’ll be waiting for you at the diner room”
“Ne...” Hongki left his room right after that.
‘ back...’

After having a late breakfast, the whole Ft Island boys escorted Hyun Ae home; to Yoon Jun’s house.But, just as they arrive, Mr. Seong was there already; making things worse, there was a few police officers hanging around in her brother’s house as well.
      “Aigoo...what’s going on here? Why are these people here? Omo...did something bad happen to oppa?” Then, she looked at the boys;
      “I think you guys’ better leave now...gomawo for sending me home...and mianhae for being troublesome to all of you.” She bows to the five of them before leaving the van and heading home.
      “ she going to be okay? Hongki?” Jaejin take a peek on the window.
      “Yeah...from the story you tell us bout how her dad was treating her...kind of gives me the creeps...” Min hwan continues. Hongki just sit silently as he watches Hyun Ae enters the house.
Yoon Jun’s house...

She enters the room and look around it; Yoon Jun was sitting silently at the corner chair, her mom was sitting beside her dad, crying. Mr. Seong looks worried but still has the fierce look.
      “Omma? Wae are you crying?” now, the whole room was looking at her.
      “Omma?” Mrs. Seong suddenly runs to her and hugs her, crying hard.
      “Where had you’ve been, Hyun Ae? We was worried sick bout you!” the woman was still crying.
“Then, its settles then...I guess we have nothing else to do here, we’ll excuse back to the station, then. The two police officer leaves.
“Yeah, where have you’ve been, Hyun Ae? Why didn’t you call me or at least call your brother!” Mr. Seong approaches Hyun Ae with a loud voice, making Hyun Ae’s tears falls out of terror.
      “I was...I was...” she tries answering her dad; but she was too afraid by him, her tears were falling hard.
      “Answer me, Seong Hyun Ae! Answer your appa!” She still kept quite and closes her eyes, tries to calm her self.
      “Appa, she was with me...I told you earlier, appa...” Yoon Jun tries to defending his sister.
      “I’m not asking you; did I, Seong Yoon Jun?” the young man just rest on his sit again; didn’t have the guts to rebel the man’s orders.
      “I was with Yoon oppa, appa...” She finally had the guts to speak.
      “The whole night?” He lowers his voice.
      “Anio...I was at a friend’s house last night, right after the concert ends.” she still shivers.
      “What friend? Wae didn’t you call us? Why didn’t you inform us first? Even your oppa?” he raises his voice once more; making Hyun Ae felt traumatize again.
      “Mi..mianhae...appa...I..I forgot...”
      “Forgot? And what did you ever remember then? Why don’t you just forget how to breathe?” His voice feels the whole room; she just shut her eyes as she was too afraid to make an eye contact with her own father.
      “Mian...Mianhae...appa...I...I promised it won’t happen again.”
There’s a silent in the room for a moment.
      “Who was it?” suddenly the man speaks again.
      “It’s a friend...”
      “Who was the guy, Hyun Ae?” his face turns red from anger.
      “Omo...guy? What guy, appa?” She’s still looking down at her feet.     
      “Your friend...was a guy, right?” She froze by a moment and wasn’t answering.
      “Why don’t you answer me, Hyun Ae?” Her tears falls again, she can’t breathe.
      “Because her friend was a guy.” Suddenly a voice she was very familiar with spoke.
      ‘Omo...It can’t be him...Anio...please say it wasn’t him’ she plead in her heart. The whole room attention moves to the young man who rushes into Yoon Jun’s house.
      “Who are you?” the angry dad speaks loud.
      “Lee...Lee Hong Ki?” Yoon Jun shrugged, got Mr. Seong’s attention. Hyun Ae still hesitated to move an inch.
      “Do you know this man, Yoon Jun?” Hongki approaches Hyun Ae.
      “Are you okay, Hyun Ae?” putting his big hand on her shoulder.
      “Oppa?” looks at Hongki; he gives a warm smile.
      “Anio...I don’t really know him, but I never knew he was close to Hyun Ae.”
      “What are you doing here, oppa? Aren’t you supposed to go back to the dorm or something?” She speaks to him, tries to ignore her dad.
      “Anio, the others were there already, I just though of meeting up with your dad to settles things up.” He smiles again.
      “What do you mean by that, Mr. Lee Hong Ki? What did you want to settle up?” Hongki suddenly approaches the Mr. Seong.
      “Oppa...” Hyun Ae starts to freak out as she saw Hongki standing in front her dad.
      ‘What is he going to do now? Omo...please don’t do something stupid, oppa...’ she pleads.
      “Annyeong Mr. Seong...Mianhae for the were right, she was with me and my friends the whole night. But, we didn’t do anything inappropriate; she was nursing me the whole night as I was being ill last night” he bows as respect to the elders.
      “The whole night? And where does the both of you sleeps?” he continues. Hongki was shock at first with the man’s question, then smiles.
      “We did sleep in the same room but I sleep on my bed and she was barely asleep on the sofa” He smiles at Hyun Ae, She was blushing at the back.
“Is it the truth, Hyun Ae?”
“Ne...appa...” Mr. Seong suddenly turns silent, he just look at Hongki and his daughter as they were smiling to each other.
      “Omo...another thing, Mr. Seong...I just wondering do you know about your daughter’s passion for arts and writing? You have a very talented daughter...Mr. Seong” The man shrugged.
      “oppa...” Hyun Ae started to freaks out again as her dads expressions change.
      “Anio...she just did that for fun, and she has a passion for designing clothes now.” Hyun Ae just looks away.
      “Anio, ahjusshi...she said that she really likes drawing comics and writing screenplays as that where the only way she can express her true feelings and not with designing clothes.” Mr. Seong then turns to Hyun Ae that was still staring at her feet.
      ‘Omo...what the heck was he thinking? I’m sure going to be dead after this...Omo...’ she closes her eyes.
      “She never did tell me about could she tell anyone else?” Mr. Seong hesitated on believing on was he just heard.
      “Maybe she just wants to make you happy, Mr. Seong?” Hongki was gambling up on what the man was going to do next.
      “Anio...that can’t be it. My children never think of me first... never.” His voice was rising.
      “How would you know Hyun Ae was being selfish?” the man got stump again.
      “You don’t right? She never being selfish to begin with; she thinks about you from the very start, she knew you would be happy if she just follows up on your plans on her life. Once for her life, she tries to spoke her mind...spoke her interest...hoping someone’s understands her, but unfortunately she got a different answer then what was she hoping to, she tries to forget about herself again and tries to live on...” there was a silent in the room, Mr. Seong was speechless for a while.
      “Hyun Ae? Don’t you want to say something to your appa?” Mr. Seong approaches his only daughter.
      “Omo...appa...I didn’t mean it...Mianhae...” she bows. Her dad suddenly hugs her.
      “Is it true, Hyun Ae? Waeyo? Wae haven’t you say a word to me? Waeyo, Hyun Ae? Wae did you hurt yourself after all these years?” he was crying.
      “Omo...appa...don’t say’re my appa no matter what happen, I only have one appa as long as I, I just want you to be proud of matter what it takes...even if it’s hurts...I really don’t mind it, appa.” She smiles as being hug by Mr. Seong.

Since then, everything has change for Hyun Ae; she had a full support from her parents about her passion for arts and writing. Even so, her boutique business was still running as usual but now, her dad give his whole trust to Hyun Ae to run the shop by her own and driving in her own car. Nevertheless, after the incident, she didn’t get to contact Hongki again.
      “Omo...I forgot to thank him...” she murmured as sitting in front of her laptop, working on her latest screenplay. Suddenly, she got a mail;
      “’s HK!! I wonder how was him.” She smiles happily. She opened up the mail;

Dear Hyun Ae-chan,
      It’s been long since we’ve chat together, right? Mianhae... I’ve been busy lately, but I hope u didn’t forget about our promise earlier...about meeting each other...

“Eh?” Hyun Ae confuse bout the mail.
“Meet up? Omo...what should I do? I never meet up with my cyber friend.” Just as she wanted to reply the mail, he receives another mail from HK.
“Omo...another one...”

Hyun Ae-chan,
      Look at your front window...I’m waiting at the bus stop for you now.
      “Eh? Omo...He can’t be serious...” she started to panic, but then slowly go to the front window; nervously. There, she saw a man sitting with a laptop on his lap.
      “It’s him...” she can barely see his face as he was wearing a baseball cap.
      “Omo...what should I do now? Should I just go and say hi to him? But we’ve made a promise...I should hold my promise. Ne, I’m going to meet him!” suddenly she made a decision and put on her black sweater before heading to the bus stop.
On her way there, she was sweating nervously;
      “Omo...wae am I’m being so nervous?” she murmured as walking to the bus stop.
At the bus stop...

      “Silyehamnida...omo...are you HK?” she said as standing right in front of the unknown man. Then, suddenly the man took off his baseball cap giving the girl a smirk; Hyun Ae shook her head.
      “Surprise, Hyun Ae-chan?” He still smiles.
      “Omo...oppa? What are you doing here?” Hyun Ae still confuses.
      “I’m sticking to my promise...”
      “Eh? Promise?” she tries to hide her blushed face.
      “Yeah...I promise someone I’ll meet her here.”
      “Omo...Are you sure?”
      “Yeah...Waeyo hyun Ae? Is something wrong?”
      “Anio... it’s just... someone promise to meet me here too.” suddenly, hongki giggles.
      “Omo...waeyo, oppa? Did I say something funny?” she’s clueless.
      “Hyun Ae, you’re cute...You really didn’t know why I’m here?” Hyun Ae just blushed for a while; an idol star just calls her cute, what do you think she’ll be doing?
      “Omo...Waeyo? I really don’t understand” Hongki opens up his laptop and show her the mail he just sends to her as HK. Hyun Ae shook her head again.
      “Eh? You’re HK?” The idol just nod several times while smiling; making her face turns red again.
      “Eh? Oh, that’s why you know bout my interest in art and writing?” Hongki nods again with a smirk.
      “Omo...then, you’ve read my screenplay?” she shrugged and started to panic.
      “Yeah...I’ve read them, but my favorite one was the title; My Star Mine. I like that one very much as the character was especially identical to me” Hyun Ae was blushing a lot that day she tries to hide the red face under her hood. From there, she can hear Hongki giggles.
      ‘Omo...I can’t say I made the character especially based on him.’ Hongki giggles again; thinking of her silliness, she starts to giggles as well. Hyun Ae sits beside the idol.
“Omo…when did you got your first kiss, Hyun Ae?”
“Eh? wae so sudden, Oppa?” she was shock by Hongki’s question.
“Nothing...I just curious about knowing bout it, as I tell you already bout my first kiss.” Glares at her.
“ really wanted to know, oppa?” she seems unease with the situation.
“Anio...its okay if you wanted to keep it a secret...” looking away.
“Anio...Arasso, I’ll tell you then...but it’s a bit weird.”
“ happens when I’m in elementary...” she starts. Hongki was ready to hear the whole thing.
“Was it he’s your first love or a crush?” suddenly he asks.
“Eh?’s actually happen by accident.”
“Accident? Eh? Did he bump into you or something?” She blushed, as Hongki was making his dull expression; ‘man, he’s soooo cute!!!’ her heart whispered.
“’s not like that...actually it’s not really a kiss to be exact”
“Eh?” He’s confused now.
“’s actually a bite.” She’s blushing again.
“A bite? A guy bites you?” He started to freak out.
“Anio...It’s not a guy actually...” she looks nervous.
“Then, don’t say you loose your first kiss to a girl?” he smirk; making Hyun Ae beginning to blushed too much that she can’t even say a word for a moment.
“’s not like’s”
“Eh?” He stumps for a while, and then started to laugh hard.
“Oppa...Stop laughing~~” Hyun Ae blush even more as Hongki laugh hard. She then stand up from there and ready to walk away from him; Hongki grab her wrist.
“Okay...mianhae...Hyun Ae...I didn’t mean to make fun of you.” He tries to stop laughing; Hyun Ae’s wrist is still in his grab. A moment then, he started to giggle and burst into laughter...making Hyun Ae felts annoyed and started to walk again; suddenly Hongki stop laughing and pull her into his arms, making her falls on his lap.
“Omo!” she blushed as they eyes met.
“Then, is that by never really known how the first kiss felt like, Hyun Ae-chan?” He smirks.
“A...nnii..oo...” she just put her head down as she spoke. Suddenly, he moves his face closer to hers until he touches her forehead.
She stump by his action; her heart was pounding hard as they faces was so close to each others;
‘Omo...what I’m suppose to do now? What is he planning to do? Omo...I can’t breathe~~~’ she was so nervous as she can felt his breathe.
“Oppa!” she covers up her face with both her hands to hide her red face.
“What are you trying to do, oppa?” she speak panicky behind her hands; with her eyes close.
“Nothing...I just want to show you how a first kiss was suppose to be like.” He spoke as tries to put Hyun Ae’s hands off her face but she hesitated 
As she felts Hongki face was too close to hers, she pushes him away before stands up and started to walk fast.
Again Hongki stands up and chase after her, pulling her arms hard then, she suddenly looses her balance and;
“Kya!!!!” She dropped hard on Hongki. Hongki wasn’t moving for a while...Hyun Ae began to freak out.
“Oppa? Oppa? Wake up, oppa!” she tries to wake the idol up...but he still wasn’t moving.
‘Omo...What have I done? Oppa~~~please wake up~~’ she plead as trying to shake the idol awake.
“Oppa? Oppa? Omo..I should try looking for help” she said as looking through her handbag and grabs her phone; as soon as Hyun Ae about to dial the emergency number, Hongki started to move.
“Oppa?” he seems wanted to say something,
“Hyun Ae...come closer...I wanted to say something...” he whispered. Hyun Ae just follows his orders; she kneels down towards Hongki and moves closer.
“I’m listening...oppa” suddenly the idol kisses her cheek, she was shock...then, turns her face facing him and:
“CHUP!” Hyun Ae’s first kiss was snatch away in seconds!
“Hahaha~~~I got it, Hyun Ae! Your first kiss!” he said proudly after waking up from his ‘fake unconsciousness’  
She sit still with a red face for a while...then;
      “OPPA!!!!!!” she started to cry her heart out...
      “Eh? Hyun Ae, wae are you crying? Wasn’t you suppose to be happy?” he started to panic while wiping her tears away.
      “ can I be happy when my first kiss was snatch away just like that? I didn’t even prepare myself yet!!! Kyaa!!!” She started to cry again.
      “Omo...I though I did tell you I wanted to show you how the real first kiss felts like...” Hongki still tries to calm her down.
      “Wae don’t you tell me earlier, you wanted to kiss me?”
      “I though I did...but you started to run away then...”
Her tears suddenly stop when Hongki pull her into his arms.
      “Mianhae...Hyun Ae, I promise it won’t happen again, arasso?” he whispers gently.
Suddenly, the Ft Island’s official van stops in front of them...
      “Yo! Hongki! Come on...we’re going to miss the flight if you keep on hugging her like that!” teased Minhwan as he tosses out a white sweater at him.
      “Flight? Are you going to Japan again, oppa?” quickly freeing herself from Hongki’s arms, still blushing.
      “Ne, we’re going to Japan tonight for our fan meeting session; we’re going to stay there for a week”
      “Then, you better get going now, oppa! Or you’ll be late...” she stands up.
      “Omo...guys, can I bring this girl along?” Hongki suddenly ask them by the car window.
      “Eh?” Hyun Ae was confused;
‘What the hell he was going to do now?’ her heart speaks.
      “You have to ask our leader then, Hongki!” Jaejin answer from inside the van.
      “Leader, can I? I’m worried if she would cry a lot when I’m not here” Hyun Ae wants to say something, but can’t.
      “Sure...there’s plenty of room here, Hongki~~”
      “Let’s go, Hyun Ae...or we’ll be late for our flight.”
      “Eh? Anio...I cant go...what would my parents say...Mianhae...”
      “Really? Then it’s a waste, leader...we shouldn’t talk to Mr. Seong at the first place...right?” Min hwan face Jonghun.
      “Eh? You met my dad?”
      “Well...not really...we just manage to pursue him to go with us to Japan...but, unfortunately Hyun Ae says no...” Hongki looks frustrated.
      “Anio! I didn’t say no...But, dad agrees?”
      “Ne! And there’s another thing~~~Hyun Ae~~” Hongki took a few pieces of paper from his back pocket and handed to her.
      “Eh? Isn’t these...the passes to the MANGA CONVENTION?” she was all excited about the convention and being able to hang out with her oppa; she suddenly…
      “Saranghae~~oppa!!!!” hugs Hongki in front of the Ft Island’s official van. She realizes what she was doing then pushes Hongki away and blushed; the crowd burst into laughter.