2:34 AM ---

“I want to draw!!!!” if only Seung Hyun Ae could speak her heart out this time. But, unfortunately she can’t again; as she looks through the arts universities letters she receive this morning. She didn’t get the guts to tell her dad about her dreams on becoming a comic artist.

“That dream won’t take you anywhere!” she sat silently as she told her dad about her patients in art. She even tries to stop painting several times; just because her dad keeps nagging bout it, and she keeps on failing on doing that.

Since she was a little girl, all she ever done was trying her best to make her parents happy in everyway; she even hold up her teenage life for them. She never even had her love coz doesn’t want her parents to get worried bout her.

When she’s 19...she finished on her studying on fashion and dressmaking in one of the institute in Korea; she didn’t even bother bout that as that was her dad’s wish. Every night she cried in her sleep; praying someday she could achieve her dreams. She was helping out her dad while waiting for her boutique to be finish being renovate.

Nevertheless, she had her own plan as she made a list of the things she going to achieve before her 21st birthday.

“Finish!!” relief as she looks on the dress her being work on. Now she’s already 20; and finally got her father’s trust to run her boutique on her own.
“Hyun ae, it’s almost 12 o’clock! Did you finish your work yet?” well, even know she didn’t have his trust to go to her boutique alone.
“Yeah, appa! I’m coming!”
Back from her boutique, she was working on her comic sheets; secretly, without her dad’s knowing. She was also a big fan of kpop music. So, every time she was on her work, she must put on her headphone. At night, she was working on her screenplay papers; she was going to post it on her blog.
“Someday, I’ll meet him!” she determined as looking at her crush; a kpop idol. She had a crush on a kpop band vocalist right after having a hard time forgetting her first love: it’s also a crush.

A few months later, her crush’s band had a concert near her place. Hyun ae was excited about going there and even saving some money for the passes. With her oppa’s help, she manages to buy the ticket on time. But, when it’s the date, her dads ask her to stay home that night; with the reason, she was a girl; and a girl should stays home at night. She was really upset that night as she couldn’t reach her crush even knows she was that close to her crush but yet that far. She cries the entire night; for a few days, she was having a break down; she didn’t smile like she used to, there’s a sigh of fake.

“I’m going to achieve it someday” she tries to convince herself again and tries to pull her self up as she look trough her list book. One of it says; I’m going to speak to hongki oppa!! She blushes as she looks at the list again~~

The next day, she’s when sick for about a week; she couldn’t manage her screenplay blog and her comic blog. After she heal, she received an email from an unknown sender says;

Annyeong…Miss Seong Hyun Ae…

      Oettokhae jinaesimnika? Mianhae for the sudden email. I’m one of ur blog’s fans and I’m wondering why haven’t you had a new post since a week ago...i’m kind of worry as I’m a big fan of your blog, especially your comic blog; I see your talent in your story line. Hope you’ll keep your good work and post more artwork on your blog~~^^~~hwaiting!

                                                                Ur fan
“Eh? I had a fan? A die-hard-fan? OMG! Oh, what should I say to him? Eh?  Is it a she?” she was so confuse and happy with the email and started to plan a new screenplay to post on her blog for the unknown fan. As she’d though, she got a positive review from the unknown fan.
Since then, Hyun Ae started to became friends with the mysteriously blogger; she did ask the blogger’s personal details but he just said that she can call him HK only.
“HK? Are you sure? Wae didn’t you tell me your Korean name? Or are you a mix?”
“Nope, I’m plain Korean but I prefer my online friends call me HK.”
“Oh, ok then HK, nice to know you~~^^~~”

They chatted all night as her laptop was in her room and she can access the internet all she wanted now. She was relieved to have a friend like HK.

“Speak your heart out then, Hyun Ae! You don’t have to be hypocrite with your own dad! Until when did you planning on keeping your feelings a secret?”
“I don’t know HK, it wasn’t easy at all for me either...i didn’t want to make them felt bad for me...”
“But you’re hurting your own heart, Hyun Ae! Think bout yourself!”
“Mianhae, HK~~” she when off line. She keeps on ignoring her true feelings as she being hurt by her own actions.

It’s been two weeks since their last chat; HK wasn’t online again, making Hyun Ae feeling unease.
“Was he mad at me? Omo~~ what should I do? Should I just send an apologize email? Aigoo~~ Am I that desperate?” The next day, she when to her shop like she used to; back from her boutique, she received a letter. She opened it up;
“Omo!!!” “What is it, Hyun Ae?” her dad asks as Hyun Ae looks excited bout the letter. “Nothing,’s just a letter from my good friend.” She said before running to her room, excitedly.

“Its Ft Island’s concert VIP passes!!! How did it end up here? Omo, I’m so lucky!” she said as looking at the tickets, there are 3 of them. ‘But, can I really go?’ suddenly the question pops from her mind, making her smile fades and worried face appeared.
“I guess I’m not that lucky...” she spokes as putting the tickets in her drawer before leaving her room. That night, she still waiting for HK; but he didn’t appeared to online again. Then, she had an email; “Please be him! Please be him! Putakhamnida!” she prays.
“Omo! It’s him!” she was relief to see his name on the screen. “Eh?” her smiles fade as she read his email.

Annyeong~~Hyun Ae-chan~~

      Mianhae for not being online for a long time now...I’m a bit busy lately, and unfortunately, I’ll be busier these few days, hope you’ll understand if I don’t reply on your email, mianhae...Hyun Ae-chan but, I’ll try to fulfill my promise to you someday. Yugamimnida, Hyun Ae-chan~~

We’ll meet up someday, hwaiting!! Hyun Ae! Don’t give up on your dreams!


“Good luck then, HK...and don’t overwork yourself...” she whispered with a warm smile as she replied his email.

It’s a day before the concert night,

Hyun Ae decides to try her luck today; gathered all her guts to talk to her dad.
“Appa...I...I...had something to say... I...” “You wanted to go out tomorrow night, right? Is that it?” her dad’s words make Hyun Ae shock.
“Eh? How did appa know bout it? I didn’t tell you yet, didn’t I?”
“Gwenchanayo, Hyun Ae. You can go tomorrow night...” “Eh? Really, appa?” she can’t believe her own ears. “Wae are you so surprise? Sure I’ll let you go out with your own oppa.”
“Eh?” “Yoon Jun just call earlier, he said he was going to take you to see a live concert, just don’t get home late, arasso?” He said as reading the news paper.
“Arasso...” Hyun Ae then excuses herself to her room. She’s being dancing happily that night in her room; she finally had a green card from her dad! ‘Gomawo, oppa~~’ she type a text message to Yoon Jun. A few seconds then, he called;
“Gomawo? For what Hyun Ae?”
“Eh, weren’t you the one who make a call to appa asking permission to take me out to the concert tomorrow?”
“omo~~it IS me ~~haha~~ I guess I just forgot~~ by the way, see you tomorrow~~” he hang up.

The concert night...

“Hoho~~Hopefully I can meet him in person” she said, excitedly as they’re reaching the park where the concert was held. They both enter the stadium, walking towards the VIP seats; as she had 3 passes, Hyun Ae invited her best friend; Min Chun Ah to join them that night. The concert ends 3 hours later; and as they had a VIP passes, they got the access to the backstage as well.
Hyun Ae wasn’t going to let the opportunity to go to waste; so she when to the backstage with Chun Ah.


“This way, miss...” the security guard guide us the FT. Island’s make up room.
“Annyeong...i’m one of your fans. Mianhae for disturbing...” she said; trying to hold herself from screaming...duhh!! She’s in her favorite band idol make up room, how can she control herself? She meets up and talks to Jonghun, Jae Jin, Min Hwan and even Seung Hyun, but she didn’t saw her crush anywhere around the room.
“Omo...are you looking for Hongki?” Jaejin ask her as she look like seeking for someone since she came in the room.
“Eh? Anio~~” she’s lying, feeling her face red.
“Gwenchanayo, he’s at the restroom, something wrong with his tummy; he’ll be back soon.” Says Jonghun.
“Eh? Is he’s going to be fine?”
Just before Jaejin answers her, Lee Hong Ki steps into the room; making the whole room in silence.
      “Eh? Wae the sudden silence?” Hongki makes a shock expression; making Hyun Ae not being able to move; with her face turning all red.
      “Omo...are you the one who win the VIP passes?” Hongki was standing right infront of Eun Ae now; she can’t seem to breathe, her heart was pounding hard, she just nods with her head down.
      “I thinks Hyun Ae, had a crush on our Hongki...”
“Look, her face was red as a tomato...haha~~” tease Min Hwan followed by Jaejin.
      “A..a..nii..o..” She tries to control her emotions while keeping her distance from Hongki.
      “Ya! Stop teasing her already...Don’t listen to them, Hyun Ae... I really happy to have a fan like you, gomawo for supporting us till now.” The whole room comes to silence again.
      “Eh? How did u know her name was Hyun Ae? We didn’t tell you yet.”
Hongki’s expression started to change as the boys look at him, puzzled.
      “Omo...Don’t you guys make some homework? I just looked at the file our PA handed us earlier; it says that the VIP passes winner’s name was Seong Hyun Ae.” Hongki said before exhaling hard.
      Eun Ae then excuses herself to get out of the room after she had a trouble in her breathing, feeling relief.
Jonghun drag Hongki to the wardrobe right after Hyun Ae left.
FT Island’s wardrobe...

“You’re lying, Hongki...”
      “What are you talking about, Jonghun? I don’t under...”
      “Our PA never gives us any file before...” Minhwan approaches them.
      “And even if he does, our Jonghun should be the first one to know.” Jaejin suddenly pops out of nowhere.
“Arasso...i’ll tell you guys then...” Hongki

Ft Island’s makeup room...

“Omo...where are the guys?” Hyun Ae looks puzzled as she enters the empty room.
“Eh? Hyun Ae is back! Aigoo...guys, look at the time! We should be going now...” Min hwan suddenly said as he saw the puzzled Hyun Ae standing behind the door.
“Eh? Where are you guys going? I though you guys are going to stay for a while here...” Hyun Ae looks unhappy.
“We’re going to a friend’s party, mianhae...Hyun Ae, we should tell you earlier.” Jaejin speak from behind Min hwan.
“ guys go and have some fun, I’ll be heading home then.”
“Eh?” the guys look puzzled by Hyun Ae’s answer.
“Waeyo? Did I say something wrong?”
“’s just that...” Jaejin looks unease.
“We though you could come with us to the party. Can you?”
      “Eh? Me? To a party? I...”
      “Anio.” Hongki pops out of their wardrobe followed by Jonghun from behind.
      “You were going to say no, right; Miss Seong Hyun Ae?” Hongki said with an unsatisfied tone in his voice. Hyun Ae just keeps her silence as she was too embarrasses to speak.
      “Mianhae, oppa...I can’t because my appa...”
      “You really scared of your appa THAT much, huh? Hyun Ae?” Hongki continues.
      “oppa...” she tries to hold her tears. She has this habit of being too sensitive when it comes to rebelling her father. hyun Ae then left the room without any words.
      “Hongki, I think you gone too far...You didn’t suppose to make our fan cry, you know...” Jonghun speak suddenly.
      “Mianhae, won’t happen again...okay?” Hongki makes his cute smile to Jonghun before heading to the restroom.

The lobby...

      “I just don’t know what was that girl thinking...its all about her appa~~wah!! I’m so pisses off!!” Hongki murmured alone on his way to the makeup room, just got out of the restroom. He stops as he saw a girl standing right in front of him.
      “Hyun Ae!?!?” The girl looks pale.
      “Omo...Mianhae for being rude to you earlier...I just...”
      “I’m going!” suddenly Hyun Ae spoke; making Hongki a bit shock.
      “I want to go to the party with you guys...can I?” she said, try to hold her embarrasses. Thank god the light at the lobby was dim, she can hide her red face without even trying; her mind speaks.
“Sure, you can! Hyun Ae! Let’s go now!” suddenly Jaejin pops out of nowhere, Jonghun and Minhwan come from behind her.

In the Ft Island official van...

      “Are you sure about this, Hyun Ae? What will your appa said?” Hongki started to worry.
      “Gwenchanayo...oppa...I can’t stick like this forever right? I want to have my life back.” Hongki just set silently after that. Chun Ah and her brother had to leave first as Chun Ah can’t be home late. The boys then, offered to send Hyun Ae home after the party ends; at first Yoon Jun didn’t like the idea but after being pursue by Hyun Ae, he gives her his permission on one condition; don’t be home late.

They arrive at the party at 10.00pm...

“I’m just going to gamble up then...” Hyun Ae whisper to herself as she walks behind the guys. The party was for Ft Island’s PA birthday, the guesses were kpop artists from various management including SME ent, and Brave sound. That’s means; she’ll be meeting various artists also.
“Are you nervous, Hyun Ae?” suddenly Jonghun ask her from behind.
“Omo...sure I am...oppa, I never knew there’s so many artists will come too...” she said slowly as walking along Jonghun.
“Gwenchanayo, they’re really friendly when you get to know them, especially our Suju’s sunbaes...arasso?” Jonghun said as he led the way. Hyun Ae just nod before glancing towards Hongki that were right in front of her, he was quite since he last ask her bout her dad in the van.
She was having a great time that night; been dancing and laughing until it was almost midnight. She started to get worried.
“Omo...guys, it’s almost midnight...I need to get back...”
The Jonghun was busy talking with their PA while Minhwan was busy dancing with Jaejin in the crowd. Jonghun seems to not hear her, so; she started to look for Hongki. She looked for him all over the place, still haven’t see the sigh of him. So, she makes her decision to take a taxi home that night.

Outside the party...

      “Omo...I should just talk to them. Silly me...” blabbering to herself.
      “Or at least...I could ask oppa to get me~~ Ya!!! Me and my big mouth!” she gets mad at herself as stopping a taxi. She sits in the taxi and looks into her handbag for some money.
      “Omo...i forgot~~~I spend my last penny on some snack for the concert earlier ~~Erm~~~Ahjusshi~~Mianhae~~” she then step out of the taxi, shutting the door behind her and look at the cab as its drives away.
      “Now, I have to walk home...” She sighs. Suddenly the rains pour hard;
      “Aigoo~~~ what is it now?!?!” she started to run toward the nearest bus stop.

At the bus stop...

      Hyun Ae wipe herself from the rain before sitting there; shivering...she notice there was a man sitting at the other end of the bus stop. They sit silently for a while; then, suddenly the man approaches Hyun Ae. She began to panic but try to act natural; still sitting still. The man then sits beside her; he was wearing a red sweater with the hood on; making Hyun Ae panic level rising.
      “Omo...are you trying to run away? Hyun Ae-chan?” His voice was very familiar to her ears.
      “Hongki oppa?!?!” Her eyes were wide open when the idol opens up his hood; showing his face.

      “Oppa? Wae are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be inside, with the others?” still shivering.
      “Sshhhss...” Hongki whispered as he took of his red sweater and put it on Hyun Ae living him wearing a black singlet with a skull printed on it.
      “Wear this, I don’t want my fan to catch a cold at our party” he said as wipe up Hyun Ae’s wet face. Hyun Ae tries not to freak out and close her eyes as Hongki’s was THAT close to her; her heart was pounding hard, she can hardly breathe.
      They sat silently for awhile, Hyun Ae was still blushing as looking at Hongki; he looks freezing. She was worried bout her idol as he was only wearing a singlet and it’s freezing. She then, tries to take off the sweater to give it back to him; but...
      “But oppa~~ you’re freezing...” as soon as she said that, Hongki’s head falls on her shoulder; making Hyun Ae stump again.
      “Oppa?” she started to worry as the idol didn’t answer her. Suddenly, Hongki falls on her lap.
      “Oppa!” she started to panic then putting her palms on his fore head.
      “Aigoo, he’s burning!” she quickly took off the sweater and put it over him. He was sweating all over.
      “Omo...I better get some help.” She then took her phone o make a call but just to discover the battery was dead.
      “Ah! Oppa’s phone!” suddenly remembered bout the idol’s phone.
      “Mianhae, oppa...” she said as checking the idol’s jeans pocket.
      “Found it!”



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