4:49 PM ---

“Do you love somebody at this very moment?” Miryu at the back was blushing as the crowd make noises; she wanted to ask Hongki herself, but she was too embarrassed to ask him. Hongki just kept silence.
“Ye…” Miryu was embarrassed and run to the kitchen as being tease by the others; they always though there were something going on between Miryu and Hongki.
“Whoa…you being really true, Hongki!” Jonghun pat Hongki’s back.
“Next question!” Minhwan felt excited.
“Seunghyun..ah, Is the person you like is in this room, right now?” Seunghyun tries to stay calm.
“Ye…” He takes a deep breathe before glares at Miryu at the kitchen.
“Good one, Hongki!” Jaejin smirks.
“Hyung, what did you felt about Mi Cha noona?” Seunghyun smirks.
“Eh?” The guys were puzzled by Seunghyun’s question; Hongki just stay silence for a while, Jonghun just starred at Hongki’s expression.
“I like her.” Seunghyun smirks as he heard Hongki’s answer; Jonghun was clenching his fist with anger, the other guys were shock.
“I bet hyung means by liking Mi Cha noona as a friend, right? Haha!” Jaejin tries to brighten the atmosphere as he felt unease.
“Yeah…I bet that’s it, haha! Good one, Seunghyun!” Minhwan laugh, follow by the others.
“Seunghyun, if the person you like suddenly came and say she likes you; how do you act?” Seunghyun’s face suddenly turns red as he kept silence.
“I guess that ends the game…” Hongki said proudly as he remove the hoop and start walking to his room.
“Ya! Hongki..ah, where are you going? The games aren’t over yet!” Hee chul shout as he put his glass down.
“Gonna get some shut eyes first…see you guys tomorrow, Nite!”  He said before shutting the door behind him.
“Weird…usually he will be the last one with the most energy left; now he’s the first one to go to bed?” Hee Chul murmured as he sips on his coke.

            Hongki enters his room quietly as he was assuming Mi Cha was fastened asleep.
            “You know what time it is now, oppa?” Hongki jumps a bit as he saw Mi Cha standing behind him.
            “Ya! When did you got here?” Rubbing his chest.
            “Mianhae…oppa…did I shock you?” She switched on the light.
            “Thank god I didn’t have a heart attack…or you’ll be causing my death!” he murmured as sitting on his bed.
            “Didn’t you suppose to be asleep right now?” He pulls Mi Cha’s hand to sit beside him.
            “How can I be asleep in a man’s room? Besides, I can’t even get my eyes shut; I can see the man everywhere.” She was looking at her feet as Hongki was looking at her face; she looks tired.
            “You know, you can’t go out now…as the guys were staying here for the night…” Hongki suddenly spoke as he held his breathe.
            “Eh? Then what about Miryu, where is she going to stay tonight?” She looks unease.
            “Jonghun going to send her home after the game was over; the other guys will sleep in the living room together.” He seems calm.
            “Then…how..bout me?” She was starring at her feet.
            “Omo…I guess you have to stay with me tonight…” He grabs Mi Cha’s hand with a smirk.
            “Eh?” She pulls her hands back and started to freak out.
            “Ya, I’m just joking! But, seriously…you need to sleep here; we can’t sneak you out without being notice by those guys…”
“Eh?” She looks puzzled.
“Don’t worry…it’s not like we’re going to sleep on the same bed or something.” Suddenly both of them felt embarrassed and Hongki stand from there and get one of his pillow; lie on the floor.
“Oppa, at least…take this blanket will you; or you might catch a cold.” Mi Cha handed over a blanket to Hongki as she tries to hide her red face.
“Urm…Gomawo, you should take a rest now, Mi Cha…” They still felt awkward that night but Hongki was fastened asleep as Mi Cha was still struggling to get a shut eyes.
“Stay away from me! I said…let go! What did you want from me?” Hongki was disturbed by Mi Cha’s nightmare; he approaches her and tries to wake Mi Cha up from her nightmare.
“Ya! Mi Cha..ah, wake up! It’s just a dream…Ya!” Hongki keeps shaking her. As she opened up her eyes, Mi Cha hugs him with tears; making Hongki dumbstruck.
“The man keeps coming for me, I can see him everywhere!” She cried.
“Gwenchanayo, it’s just a dream….and if he ever comes back, I’ll be there for you, ara?” he pats her head.
“What if he comes back when you leave, oppa?” her voice was still shivering.
“I promise I won’t leave you alone, I’ll always be there for you….no matter what.” He whispers before Mi Cha felts asleep in his arms.

The next morning, Mi Cha find out that she was fastened asleep in Hongki arms for the whole night; she opened her eyes just to find Hongki was right in front of him.
‘Omo…oppa? So it’s not a dream? I really sleep by his side?’ her face turns red out of embarrassed; she can smell his perfume, she were starring at Hongki’s face for a while.
“Will you stare me the whole day, Mi Cha?” Hongki suddenly whispers as his eyes were still close.
“You’re awake, oppa?” She was blushing.
“I’ve been awake since 30 minutes ago….I just wanted to see how pretty my Mi Cha is in her sleep.”
“Oppa…since when did you’ve become such a sweet talker? Did they teach you that in Japan too?” she smirks, try to sound relax.
“Well…maybe they did?” Hongki moves his head nearer to hers until their nose touches, Mi Cha shut her eyes; her face was red. Hongki can’t help but giggles as he watches her responds;
“Ya! Oppa…why did you laugh?” She felt annoyed as pushes him further from her face.
“Anio…it’s just…you look really cute when blushing, Mi Cha…did you know that?” She just avoids looking at his eyes as blushed.
“Hongki hyung..ah! Wake up already!” Minhwan voice makes them both jumps a bit. Hongki releases Mi Cha from his arms and order her to hide in the bathroom.
“Hyung..ah! Come on…wake up! We got schedules today...” Minhwan started to get annoyed as Hongki didn’t reply his first call.
“Ye, ye! I’m awake…you don’t have to shout!” Hongki said as he opened the door; Minhwan was standing there with a towel on his head.
“Hyung..ah, why did you locked your door? You never locked your door before…” Minhwan tries to take a peek inside his room as Hongki blocked it.
“Can’t this star have his own privacy for a moment?” he smirks as tries to act normal; Minhwan just look at him suspiciously.
“See you at breakfast then, Minhwan!” he said before shutting the door behind him; Minhwan didn’t have the chance to say a word.
“That was close…” He sighs as standing behind the door. Mi Cha then approaches him;
“Is he gone?”
“Ye, I guess so…” he takes a glance at the back of the door.
“Now…what should we do?” suddenly Hongki’s expressions changes as he look at Mi Cha.
“Now? How about the both of us…” he smirks; Mi Cha freak out as he started to approaches her.
“Ya, what are you trying to do?” Hongki didn’t answer but continuing on approaching her; until she bumps to Hongki’s wardrobe, right beside the bathroom door. She closes her eyes as Hongki is right in front of her right now, suddenly, Hongki grab a towel that hangs behind her.
“Here…take this, you can use the bathroom first…I’ll be right here if you wanted anything, ara?” He said as putting the towel on her head and walk towards his bed. Mi Cha opened up her eyes just to found out she’s been embarrassed by her silliness; She run into the bathroom and shut the door behind her without even a glance at Hongki’s direction.
“Ya! Why did I even think like that in the first place? How could I think about him that way?...Ya! I’m so embarrassed…eh? Didn’t he’s the one who started it in the first place?” She murmured by herself as sitting behind the bathroom door.

She tries to calm herself as she walked out from the bathroom with her eyes locked on Hongki with anger; he was still on the bed. She walks towards Hongki and ready to attack the man, suddenly;
She accidentally steps on a sweater and trip;
“Ya!” Hongki suddenly grabs her, their eyes locked for a while.
“You should be more careful, next time…Mi Cha.” He smirks as helping her get on her feet.
“It’s all your fault! Why did you tease me in the first place?” Mi Cha started to nag; making Hongki giggles.

Hongki then goes downstairs to get some breakfast before headed back to his room;
“Ya, Hongki..ah….where did you think you’re going? You’re alert that we got a photo shoot today, aren’t you?” His steps stopped by Jonghoon words.
“I just wanted to have breakfast in bed, still felt kinda dizzy from yesterday’s party. You guys go to the location first; I’ll meet you guys there.” He answers before heading to his room without even a glance at the others.
“Hyung’s been acting weird since yesterday, I wonder what happen…” Jaejin bite his sandwich.

 “I’ll send you home after breakfast, ara?” He said while handing a plate of sandwiches to her with a smile; she just nodded with her head down.
“Urm…oppa, you didn’t have your breakfast yet…didn’t you?” She glares at Hongki that was sitting at the computer chair.
“You didn’t do you?” there’s a sigh of unsatisfied in her tone.
“Gwenchanayo…Mi Cha, I’m still full…” he tries to avoid eye contact with Mi Cha.
“Arasso! If that’s how you wanted to play it.” She put the plate on a table, get up and get her bags.
“Ya, where are you thinking you’re going? Eat your breakfast, will you?” He grabs her arms.
“I won’t if you won’t.” Hongki sighs before releases his grab; taking the sandwich plate and sit on his bed; started to eat it, making Mi Cha stump.
“What are you starring at? Come here and eat already!” He called Mi Cha with his mouth full with an unsatisfied tone; Mi Cha started to giggles as approaching him.
“Ya! Stop talking with your mouth full, will you?” She sits beside the man.

After having their breakfast and assuring the others are already gone to their photo shoot, Hongki send Mi Cha home with a cab.

            They step out of the cab and Hongki walked her to the door; they stop in front of the door and Mi Cha turn to face him.
“Omo…oppa…kamsahamnida…for…everything…” Mi Cha was nervous all of sudden; as Hongki was in front her, smiling.
“Anio…” He spokes before approaching her; then suddenly kisses her forehead.
“I should be the one who thank you, Mi Cha…” he smile warmly as she was still dumbstruck.
“Annyeonghi kaseyo…”Hongki then leaves the speechless Mi Cha standing in front her door after ringing the door bell with a smirk.
            Seconds later, Mrs. Kim opened the door;
            “Mi Cha?”
            “Eh? Omma?” She awake from her daze a few moments later.
“What are you doing out here? Why didn’t you come in?” Mrs. Kim seems worried.
“Oh…arasso…” she answered as getting inside the house; she still felts a bit awkward from what happen earlier. Mrs. Kim was a bit worried bout her daughter’s weird behavior.

That weekend, Miryu invited Mi Cha to their house for a gathering with the Ft Island boys. She seems excited about it like always; as Mi Cha seems a bit nervous about meeting Hongki again after the incident at their party.
“Omo…Miryu, can I just not intend it this time?” Mi Cha wanted to avoid confront Hongki as hard as she could.
“Eh? Waeyo, unnie? Did oppa do something to you?”
“Op..oppa? Anio!” Her face turns red.
“Then, if it’s not Jonghun oppa faults…is it my? Did I do something wrong, unnie?”
“Eh? Anio…It’s not even your fault, Miryu…I just felt unease about being in the crowd of famous people.” She pats Miryu’s shoulder.
‘Aigoo, why did Hongki’s face pop out of my mind when Miryu said oppa?’ she felt embarrassed as helping Miryu looks up through the mall’s dress collections.
“Ya, since when did you ever felt that way, unnie? You always been outgoing ever since I remember. Besides…its going to be a private gathering; by meaning…there’s not going to be any other guests besides oppa’s closes friends.” She smiled at Mi Cha; she can’t say no to Miryu now as she insisted her to join them even though she didn’t really felt comfortable when she mention the ‘private’ and ‘Jonghun’s closes friends’ part.
Hongki appeared in front of Kim’s residents that 6pm.
“Eh, oppa…Why are you here? I though Jonghun oppa is going to take me to your dorm.” She seems surprised to see Hongki standing there.
“Waeyo? You didn’t like it if I’m the one who pick you up, is it? Arasso, then you better take a cab then.” He suddenly step in Ft. Island’s van; Mi Cha approached him and grab his arms.
“Ya, where are you thinking you’re going? Mianhae…I didn’t mean that…arasso, I’ll go with you.” She insisted before stepping into the van; Hongki just watch her.
“I though you wanted your oppa to show up…” there’s an unsatisfied tone in his voice.
“Ya, stop it already will you? I’m here with you now, aren’t I?” she suddenly felt annoyed; glance at Hongki that was looking at the window.
“Are you…jealous, oppa?” she tries to attack him.
“Ya, why should I? There’s no reason for me to be jealous.” He avoids eye contact with her; she felt unease with his answer and planning on another attack.
“Then…you won’t be mind if Jonghun oppa ask me to go for a dinner tomorrow night, won’t you?” Hongki’s face turns red.
“Ye…I won’t. Go, then…if you really wanted to.” He tries to sound calm. Mi Cha looks annoyed by his reaction;
“Stop the car please!” she suddenly shouts at the driver.
“Ya, did you think we’re in a cab or something?”
“I wanted to stop here…” She tries to approach the van’s door, Hongki pull her hand hard; making Mi Cha falls on his laps. Mi Cha tries to get up again but failed as the man puts his arms around her; making her stump for a while.
“Ya, what do you think you’re doing?” He whispered as leaning his head on hers; she just kept her silence as she was too nervous to talk.
“How do you aspect me to react, Mi Cha?” She still kept silence. As hiding her red face.
“Should I start scolding you or just give Jonghun a piece of my mind?” He hides his face in her hair.
“Anio…neither one…oppa.” She finally answers Hongki sighs.
They’re now arrives at the Ft Island dorm house; Mi Cha gets up from Hongki’s lap.
“Should we just tell them, then?” She stops, glancing at    still avoiding her eyes.
“Are you willing to see Miryu’s tears, oppa?” she looks at him; Hongki just kept his silence while looking away.

“Yo! Finally you’re here!” Jaejin approaches the both of them as Minhwan and Jonghun follows him at the back.
“Mianhaeyo…Mi Cha, I didn’t pick you up….something came up…mianhae.” Jonghun bows at her while being watch by Hongki.
“Gwenchanayo, oppa…I’m already here, right?” she smile; trying to avoid Hongki’s eyes that was starring at her.
“Eh? Where’s Miryu?” she suddenly pops the question as she can’t see her best friend there.


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