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January 2000
“Omo…Give back Miryu’s Dolly, hongki oppa!” The 7 year old girl cried as her plushed toy being snatched away by a boy. The boy then giggles as he runs away with the toy.
“”Ya! Hongki! Stop it!” another girl, approached the boy and snatched away the plushed toy from his grab before giving it back to Miryu.
“Gomawo…unnie! I’m glad you came.” Miryu then hugs the 9 year old girl before running back inside the house.
“Ya! Hongki! Why did you do that for? You know how much Miryu loves her doll, right?” She started to scold Hongki; even though she was a year younger than Hongki, she was a brave girl; the boy just stays silence for a while before approaches her.
“So, what Kim Mi Cha?” He spoke before walking away from there.
“Ya!” she felt annoyed; a boy approaches her later;
“Omo…what happen, Mi Cha? I could heard your voice from aunt’s Cherry’s house” Jonghun, a good friend of Hongki came.
“Anio…It’s Hongki again…He disturbed your sister..He really annoys me.”

The four of them were friends as they mother’s enters the same welfare group, on weekends they will be hanging out and play together. The relationship between Miryu and Mi Cha was close as well as Hongki and Jonghun; but nothing is well for Hongki and Mi Cha as they both always ends up quarrelling with each other.

November 2002
            “Are you seriously going to move out, oppa?” Mi Cha spoke as she looks at Jonghun’s face.
            “Ne…I’ll be staying at Japan for some years from now with Hongki’s family. We wanted to further our studies there.” He said as he smiles to Mi Cha. Miryu won’t be going as she has to stay with they mother in Korea.
            “Oppa…I’ll miss you..then…” Miryu started to cry, Jonghun gives a hug to comfort her.
            “Gwenchanayo, Miryu…you won’t be alone…you still had Mi Cha unnie here…remember?” Jonghun smiles at Mi Cha, making Mi Cha blushed.
            “Omo…will Miryu miss Hongki oppa too then? Will she?” Suddenly Hongki approaches Miryu with a teddy bear in front his face. Miryu grabs it but Hongki able to snatch it away before she did.
            “Omo…oppa!” she cried;
            “I’ll give it to you on one condition…” He makes a sigh for Miryu to kiss his cheek. Miryu then look up to Jonghun and Mi Cha.
            “Go give Hongki oppa a kiss” Jonghun insisted, Mi Cha just kept silent. Miryu just do what her brother ask for and got her hands on the teddy bear.
            “Here you go…Choi Miryu.” He gave up the teddy with a smile; Mi Cha watches him as he did.

At the airport…
            “Guys, I need to go. ..I’ll be back in a minute.” Jonghun excuses himself, as Miryu follows him from behind; leaving both Mi Cha and Hongki alone. There were silences for a while.
            “Omo...you must be excited bout going there doesn’t you, Hongki?” She tries to start a conversation, but Hongki just kept silence.
            “You better learn Japanese fast if you want to make some new friends there.” She didn’t want to give up as he just kept silence again and ignoring her.
            “You sound like my mom, Mi Cha.” Suddenly Hongki spoke, making Mi Cha’s face turns red.
            “Ya! You got some guts don’t you, Rock Head!” Mi Cha stands, facing him. For some reason, the boy just keeps his silence.
            “Ya! Hongki, I’m talking to you!” She shouts again, this time…Hongki stands in front of her; making her shocks a little. Hongki suddenly hugs Mi Cha; she was dumbstruck for a moment.
            “What are you doing, Hongki?” She tries to lose from his arms.
            “Can we ever meet again, Mi Cha?”  She was speechless by his words.
            “Meet again? Didn’t you hate me, Hongki?”
            “Anio…why should I?”

            “Then, this is it…Annyeonghi kaseyo, Miryu, Mi Cha!” Jonghun said as he waves goodbye to the both of us. Hongki didn’t say a word after that and just wave towards us with a gloomy smile. It was weird seeing him leaves as we always sees his smiles or making us annoyed, I guess it will be rather lonely for Miryu and me without him around.

February 2011
            “Happy Birthday, Mi Cha unnie!!” as Miryu hand me a box of present.
            “Gomawo, Miryu…” I still can’t believe I’m 20 this year, and I’m going to work with my dad next week.
            ‘Omo..this is fast..’ my heart speaks.
            “Unnie, Jonghun oppa send you a gift from Japan!” she handed a box with my name on it.
            “Kim Mi Cha…it’s for me…”
            “Open it up, unnie!” Miryu were excited about the gift more then myself, makes me giggles.
            “Omo…it’s a handmade scarf…” Jonghun surprise me with a blue handmade scarf; it’s rather sweet of him to give me the scarf.
            “Eh? There’s a letter, unnie.” Miryu handed me the letter.
            “Jonghun oppa will come back next month; they band are going to make a promotion in Korea.”
            “Omo..that means, Hongki oppa is going to be too?” Miryu seems excited. Miryu looks like she had falls for Hongki since long ago; since our childhood.
            “Promise me, Mi Cha…you’ll waited for me…just promise me that…please…” That was the promise we made at the airport; the first time he ever being nice to me. Since then, I never heard a word from him; it’s like he vanish in thin air. But, Miryu still looks up to him, to her, Hongki was her first love even though she can’t really remember how Hongki used to look despite she was only 10 when they go to Japan, she often ask Jonghun oppa about Hongki’s health and what he was doing.
            “Omo…unnie! Help me find some clothes tomorrow, will you?” Miryu voice wakes me up from my day dream.
            “Clothes? For what?”
            “For Hongki oppa…I mean..for Jonghun oppa. I didn’t want oppa to see me looking unattractive; I am a band’s leader’s little sister, right? Mind as well looks like one.” She smiles; trying her hardest to hide her blushed cheeks.
            “For god’s sake, Miryu! They are coming back next month; don’t you think it’s a bit too earlier to search for clothes now?”
            “I know…I just…” she seems to be nervous about it.
            “Its okay, Miryu…you’ll be fine…don’t worry too much, arasso?” she just nodded several times as looking towards Jonghun’s letters; blushing. She really misses Hongki, I can see that.

March 2011
            “FT. Island makes a comeback to Korea today.” Mi Cha turns up the TV volume.
            “Omo…there they are…” suddenly Miryu approaches the TV. Her eyes were searching for some familiar faces; there they are. Both of them saw Jonghun, Hongki and the other boys were on their way out of the airport.
            “Oppa!!!!!” Miryu suddenly rush towards Jonghun and hug her beloved brother; while being watched by Mi Cha.
            “Wah…I didn’t know you can grow this fast, Miryu! Haha!” Jonghun giggles as he let go of Miryu.
            “Oppa! Urm…oppa…where is…” Miryu was looking for someone.
            “He’s still outside..he’ll be in a minute...go get him!” He whispers to Miryu as pointing towards the official FT Island’s van, outside. She then runs towards the van leaving Jonghun and Mi Cha alone.
            “Long time no see, Jonghun oppa…how was Japan? You must be really busy lately…I bet…” Jonghun suddenly hugs Mi Cha without hesitated.
            “I miss you too, Mi Cha.” He whisper in her ears; living her speechless for a moment.
‘This felts like dejavu’ Mi Cha heart’s talk.
The group finally came into Mi Cha’s house; Hongki was at the back of the group, he was speechless watching Jonghun and Mi Cha yet the others were teasing them.
            “Leader…you never tell us you leave your special someone here before.” Jaejin spokes with a smirk. Jonghun then let go Mi Cha while both of them were blushing.
            “Hi, Kim Mi Cha…it’s been long...” Hongki says before grabbing Miryu’s hand while his eyes still locks with Mi Cha’s.
            “Hongki…” the whole room suddenly became quite.
            “Omo…you guys, don’t say you’re still going to quarrel after these years?”  Jonghun started to giggles, followed by Jaejin, MinHwan and lastly Hongki.
            “Okay, let me introduce you guys to my band mates; this is our cute drummer; Minhwan, our talented bassist and co-vocalist; Lee Jae Jin, our youngest member and the lead guitarist; Seung Hyun, Our very cheerful and most charismatic vocalist; Lee Hong Ki, and last but not least, the handsome prince, plays the piano and lead guitarist for our FT Island despites being the greatest leader; Choi Jonghun. Haha!”  Minhwan then threw a cushion pillow at him follow by the others.
            “Ya! Respect your leader, will ya?” He said as being thrown by the pillows non stop.
            “Hey you guys, stop playing around; dinner’s ready!” Mi Cha’s mother, Mrs. Kim shouts from the kitchen.”
            “Omo…my in-law’s cooking….I miss them! Hahah!” Jonghun giggles as he approaches the dinner table.
            “Ya! Jonghun oppa! What are you talking about? You just going to make Mi Cha unnie embarrassed.” Miryu approaches Jonghun while glares at Mi Cha.
            “Oppa, are you guys going to leave for Japan again?” Miryu spoke as she put some cravings on her salad.
            “Ne…we’ll left to Japan again, but not now…maybe after some times.” Jonghun said as he takes a bite on his dinner.
            “So, oppa is going to stay? Yay!” Miryu were overjoyed.
“For that, we’ll going to make a welcome back party; organize by our own leader; Jonghun oppa.” Seunghyun stands up with a smile.
            “Ya! I’m not going to do it alone…you guys are going to help me out too.” He smirks.
            “Ye!” the whole rooms shout with joy.

The FT. Island Comeback Party day…
            The party was held at FT Island’s resident and had a list of guest from various recording group label artists; making Mi Cha and Miryu felts unease.
            “Omo…is it okay if we join too, oppa?” Miryu ask as she look around the room; she can see Siwon and Lee Teuk from Super Junior at one angle of the room; then, Hee Chul(Super Junior) and Kim Ki Bum(U-Kiss) at the other side as being watched by Seunghyun. The Ft Island’s guitarist had been eyeing on her since the day their met;
            “Omo…she’s cute….” That was the first word he said when he first met Miryu.
            “Ya! How long are you going to stare at her, Seunghyun?” Minhwan suddenly appeared behind him; making Seunghyun jumps a bit.
            “Anio…who tell you that, Minhwan?” Seunghyun eyes still locked at Miryu.
            “See, you’re still staring at her even when I’m blocking your sight!” tries to block Seunghyun sight with standing in front of him.
            “Ya! Stop that!” pushing Minhwan to the other side so he could see Miryu clearly.
            “You know….Miryu is Hongki hyung’s girl, Seunghyun.” Minhwan spoke as he put his hand on Seunghyun’s shoulder before walking towards the kitchen.
            “Is it true, Miryu?” Seunghyun whisperer alone while looking at Miryu.
            Suddenly, Miryu turns towards Seunghyun before started to walk towards his direction. Seunghyun was dumbstruck for a while;
            ‘Aigoo…did she heard me? Why is she’s coming this way…omo…I can’t breathe!’ his heart was pounding fast that he can almost heard them. He closes his eyes as she was approaching him, then;
“Hongki oppa! Where were you? I was looking for oppa everywhere!” Seunghyun were shocked; he opens his eyes then turn to see Miryu with Hongki.

‘Silly me, why did I even think she will walk to me in the first place? She got Hongki hyung already, how can she ever look at me?’ while sipping some beer from his glass.
“Ya! I’m being silly again!” he murmured at himself,
“Yo, Seunghyun..ah! What happen to you?” Jonghun suddenly appeared behind him.
“ An..Ani..o..hyung, I’m fine…” Seunghyun looks nervous.
“Ya, did you see my Mi Cha? I’ve been looking for her.” While he looks around the room.
“Oh, Mi Cha noona? I saw her earlier in the kitchen.” Jaejin suddenly pops out.
“Arasso…gomawo, Jaejin…eh? Wae are you address Mi Cha as noona? You both were the same age, you know.” Jonghun stands, facing Jaejin.
“Eh? Wasn’t Mi Cha noona is Jonghun hyung’s girl? So, if the both of you get married, I still had to call her noona, right?” Jaejin smirks at Jonghun as he speaks.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right, haha! Then, Mi Cha had to get used being called noona by you guys, haha!” he giggles before walking to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Jonghun saw Mi Cha were at the sink; washing some fruits for the guests as Minhwan were at the freezer, having some ice cream. Jonghun then gives a signal to him to leave the kitchen for the both of them.
“Minhwan, as you’re still at the freezer, can you get me some salads? I wanted to make some salads for the guests, kamsahamnida.” She still had her back on them. Jonghun takes the salad from the freezer and putting them in the sink. Then slowly putting his arms around her waist;
“Here’s your delivery…and it comes with a gift.”
“Jonghun oppa?”
“I miss you, Mi Cha…” he rests his head on her shoulder and closes his eyes.
“You told me already, oppa…” tries to loose Jonghun’s grip but failed to.
“I know…” Jonghun suddenly kiss Mi Cha’s left ear; making her felt unease.
“Stop it, oppa.” Mi Cha pushes Jonghun away; turning towards him while his arms are still grabbing hers.
“Waeyo? Don’t you like me, Mi Cha?”
“Anio…it’s not that, oppa. There’s a lot of press here, you don’t want to be on tomorrow’s front page, did you?” releases her hands from Jonghun’s with a smile.
“Gwenchanayo…let it be then…I’m still not letting you go, Mi Cha!” Jonghun suddenly hugs her again; making her speechless.

“Urm…Leader…” The voice gets Jonghun attentions.
“Oh, Hongki ah…waeyo? Did something come up?”
“Ye, the manager was looking for you…he said he wants to discuss with you about something.” He didn’t even glances at Mi Cha.
“Arasso, Mi Cha…duty calls, I’ll be back to eat your salads…k, dear…” He kisses her forehead before heading to the living room as being watched by Hongki at the side. When Jonghun leaves the kitchen, they eyes met and locked for a while before Minhwan come into the kitchen to get some drinks from the fridge; Hongki left the room then.
“I have to see the manager too, excuse me.” He lowers his voices before starts to walks.
“I know, I just want to say…you don’t have to burst in like that, it’s going to hurt Jonghun oppa, and I don’t really need your help…arasso?” Her words make Hongki steps stops, then he smirks;
“So, you want to put it that way, then? Arasso…”
“Mianhae..Hongki..” Mi Cha whisperes quitly as he watched Hongki walks away.

            “Finally! I better put these at the dinner table….” Mi Cha was just finished preparing the salads. She was sending them to the table for the guests;
            “Omo…did you prepare these by yourself?” Eunhyuk from Super Junior suddenly spoke as he grabs a bite from the salad plate.
            “Ye, I did it earlier….how was it?”
            “It’s delicious, you really done it.” He smirks; making Mi Cha felt embarrassed.
            “Gomawo, I hope you enjoy it…sillyehamnida, oppa.” She excuses herself from there before being pulled by Miryu.
            “Come here for a second, unnie!” as she drags Mi Cha across the room to Jonghun’s room.
            “Eh? Miryu..ah, what are we doing in Jonghun oppa’s room?” She was confused as looking at Miryu; she was looking for something.
            “Relax, unnie…oppa already know…well actually, he ask me to search for something.” She still to look for it at the book shelves.
            “Why don’t you just tell me what was you’re looking for, maybe I can help you look for it as well.” Mi Cha approaches Miryu and sit beside her.
            “Omo, the real thing was; I ask oppa to get me something earlier when he was in Japan, and oppa ask me to look for it on my own in his room as he can’t remember where he put it in the first place.” Miryu still searches behind the books.
            “What was that something actually, Miryu?” Miryu looks nervous.
            “Omo...” She still hesitated on telling Mi Cha the truth as her face is now red.        Mi Cha then lends a hand and search for it too, even though she still didn’t know what they were searching for. She looks under Jonghun’s bed;
            “Miryu ah…is this it?” She pulls a pink cardboard box from under the bed and shows it to Miryu.
            “Gives me that!” she snatches it from Mi Cha’s hands then opened up the box and blushed.
            “Omo…is it?” Miryu was still dumbstruck. Mi Cha then stands behind her to look inside the box more clearly.
            ‘I was true…it has something to do with Hongki indeed.’ She smiles as glances at the blushing Miryu.
            “You really like him, don’t you, Miryu?”
            “Hongki…I can see that you really like him, Miryu.”
            “Ani..Anio…I..I..Just…admire him…” She still tries to hide her red face from Mi Cha that was smirking at her.
            “Arasso, then…you better calm down yourself before going out there; you don’t want your Hongki oppa to see your red face…didn’t you?” Mi Cha headed to the door.
            “Where are you going, unnie?”
            “To the kitchen of course, or should I call Hongki to come here instead?” Mi Cha teases her.
            “Unnie!” she shouts as covering her red face with both hands.
            “Haha! I’m just joking, Miryu! See you later!” she headed out then closed the door behind her.
            “I bet he’ll be happier with Miryu by his side.” Mi Cha was still standing in front Jonghun’s room.

            As she was on her way to the kitchen, suddenly a man pulls her to the side where there was a blind spot of the room.
 The man pushes her to the wall. She was frightened by the man; just stands still she was too panic to even breathe.
“You’re still a beauty.” The man suddenly spoke as he starred at her eyes. Mi Cha was still too scared to speak or scream for help.
‘Omo…who the heck was this guy? Why did he attack me? Did I do something wrong? Someone…just someone…please come…’ she pleads in her heart as the man was still starring at her while his hands were griping her tiny arms hard. She closes her eyes;
“Ya! Look at me!” He suddenly shouts: shock Mi Cha. The man looks drunk and Mi Cha knew she must escape from that man as fast as she can before he became more dangerous.
“Wha..What…did you want from me, Mis…mister?” she finally has the courage to speak even though she was shivering. The man just starred at her then suddenly hugs her; making Mi Cha struggle while screaming for help; unfortunately, the music was overlapping her voice.
She then pushes the men as hard as she could and run towards the nearest room there; she tries to close the door behind her, but the man was faster as he pushes the door open; making Mi Cha falls on the floor.
“Ya! What did you want from me?!”  She shouts as struggle to get on her feet again.

Suddenly, the doors were wide opened and a guy rushes in the room;
“Ya! What are you doing?” The man’s voice was really familiar to her ears.
‘Hongki?’ her hearts speak as she looks at Hongki. The man begins to freak out as Hongki grab his shirts collar;
“Ya! What were you doing in my room?” He shouts with anger.
‘My room? Did I accidentally enter Hongki’s room?’ Mi Cha starts to look around the room. The man then, pushes Hongki and runs away;
“Ya!” Hongki shouts as he tries to grab the man’s shirt; but he was too fast. He then shuts the door behind him.
“Are you okay, Kim Mi Cha?” he sits on his bed.
“Y…Ye…I…I’m…fine…” She tries to smile at him to convince that she was fine.
“I…I..should go now.” She said as try to pull herself up but ends up being in Hongki’s arms as he holds her from falling again.
“Anio…you should rest first…you don’t look fine to me…” He said as leading Mi Cha to sit on his bed.
“Anio, I’m fine…I have to go now…they might looking for me now.” She tries to rise from the bed but Hongki push her to sit again.
“Ya! I said rest now, Ara? Do you want Jonghun to see that pale face of yours? By the way, those people can’t see you coming out from my room.” Mi Cha just keeps silence as she was still shivering.
            “I think I better go out now, just lock the door…ara? I’ll be back to get you after the guests leaves.” He said calmly before headed to the door.
            “Gomawo…Hongki...” He stops.
            “For what? You didn’t do anything wrong…” He still didn’t face her. Suddenly Mi Cha cried;
            “Mianhae…Hongki…I didn’t mean to hurt you…mianhae…”
            “Ya! Why are you crying? You didn’t do anything, why should I blame you?” He starts to freaks out as he saw Mi Cha. She cries even harder as Hongki approaches her.
            “Ya! Stop crying will you? You’re freaking me out!” He grabs a few tissues and handed to her.
            “Mianhae…oppa…” She cried. Hongki was dumbstruck as he heard the word ‘oppa’ from Mi Cha’s mouth; his face turns red.
            “Mianhae…for hurting you for this while…oppa. I though you would leave my heart as long as I keep our distance.” Hongki smirks before pull her into his arms;
            “Silly…” Tries to calm Mi Cha as he puts his hands on her head.
            “You never going to get rid of me that easily, Mi Cha… ” He smirks.
Later, Hongki shut the door behind him and leaves his room as he didn’t want anyone to start looking for him; he leaves Mi Cha to rest alone on his bed.
“Ya! Where have you been, Hongki? The guys are searching for you everywhere!” Jaejin suddenly pops out from in front him; making Hongki jumps a bit.
“Can’t I even have some time alone for a while? You guys really love me that much huh? Haha! Let’s go now, okay?” He starts to push Jaejin away from his door room while making the last glance at the door with a smirk.
“Omo…It smells like him…” Mi Cha whispered as she lies on Hongki’s bed and blushed. She tries to shut her eyes, but the image of that stranger fills her mind;
“I miss you… Don’t leave me again…” His voice just sticks in her head like a glue. She opened her eyes and sit with her back against the wall.

“Guys! Let’s play truth or dare, It’s should be fun!” Minhwan suddenly spoke as he took a hoop from his room and show it to the others. Hee Chul and Lee Teuk were looking at each other as the other guys were excited bout the game. The other idol were already home that eve; Hee Chul, Lee Teuk, Min Ho(SHinee), Mir, and Yonghwa were the only idols staying for the night.
“Eh? Where’s Mi Cha unnie?” Hongki starts to panic as Miryu asking for Mi Cha.
“Ye, I didn’t see her since lunch…” Jonghun wonders.
“Mi Cha? Ah, she said she got to leave earlier…for she had something came up…” Hongki suddenly answer as Jonghun starts to look around.
“Oh….arasso…” Jonghun just kept silent as the game started.

The first to go was Yonghwa and Jaejin; Yonghwa wins, the second was Hee Chul and Mir; Hee Chul wins, then it’s Seunghyun and Hongki turns;
“Seunghyun, truth or dare?”
“Do you like somebody?”
“Hyung, truth or dare?” Seunghyun spoke as he look trough Hongki’s eyes.


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