3:55 PM ---
Park Ga Hee as Go Chae Rim/ Cherry
Choi Min Hwan as Choi Min Hwan/Minari
Kim Jae Wook as Kim Jae Wook

UEE as Eliza Park/Lin Jae Park
Ahn So Hee as Angel Park/Park Moon Ae(Eliza’s younger sis)
Shin Min Ah as Shin Min Ah

“Eh?” Go Chae Rim looks shock as she looks at the wedding invitation she just receive from one of her junior in college.
“Park Yuri is getting married? Let’s see who’s her groom; Kim Ta Hae…Eh? Wasn’t he’s the same Ta Hae in our college?” She spoke as looking at the groom and bride to be pictures before sipping on her morning coffee.
“Ne…it’s the same senior, unnie…Yuri unnie seems to have a crush on him since their first met; that’s what she told me yesterday, she seems really excited bout her wedding.” Shin Min Ah; her best friend and a junior ex-college mate answers as putting the newly cooked pancakes on Chae Rim’s plate.
“Happy? I guess it just going to last for a while…” Chae Rim still sips on her coffee.
“Ya, unnie! Waeyo, why did you say that? Are you really wanted Yuri unnie’s marriage to fail?” The girl started to raises her tone.
“I didn’t mean it like that, Min Ah…but it’s a fact, people change and things happen.” She avoids Min Ah’s eyes.
“Unnie, what you said was true…but, things can be work out on its own way and every problem has its own solutions, we just have to find the solution and try the hardest to prevent it from being worst.” Min Ah started to get annoyed by Chae Rim as she was ignoring her; Min Ah walks out of the kitchen and headed to her room with anger, living Chae Rim eating alone.

“A blind date?!?! Omma, stop it! I’m not ‘that’ desperate…I’ll get married when I’m ready, arasso?” she tries to not raise her tone on her mother as she spoke.
“When you’re ready? And when did that going to happen? Cherry..ah, you did alert how old are you now, aren’t you? You’re 35, for god sake! And still unmarried! You never even had a real relationship as long as that! Wake up, dear…” The old woman started to nag at her only daughter.
“Just take a look at both of your oppa, they give me and your appa grandchildrens, we wanted to have grandchildren from you too, Cherry…” she looked at her daughter with a serious look.
“Omma…don’t look at me with the same way as Chae Kyung and Ji Kwon oppa…they’re different, omma…their namja, I’m a yeoja.” She sighs; things never being easy for her living as the youngest and only daughter of Go’s family. She kept being pushed around as her older oppa makes problems with their parents.

Go Chae Rim just agrees on her mother’s request about the blind date; as that’s the only way she can pleased the old woman; Chae Rim send her mother to Go’s residents before heading home.
“Min Ah, I’m home! Let’s go now!” she shouts as walking into their apartment. There was no response from Min Ah;
“Min Ah! Ppalli ppalli, you don’t want to be late to see Yuri’s wedding, don’t you?” she shouts in front her room.
“Ya! Are you still aslee…eh?” she was shock to see Min Ah’s room was empty; she saw a note on the table;


Mianhae…I leave without saying a word to you, I figured out that you might don’t have the interest to go to Yuri unnie’s wedding today, so…I decided to go alone, don’t worry…I tell Yuri unnie that you have something came up, so you can’t come today…by the way, don’t worry about me, Siwon oppa will send me home afterwards; so, you don’t have to pick me up tonight…just hope you had a nice day today..
Shin Min Ah
She puts the letter down and heading out again.
“I never though she’ll get upset that easily…” she sighs as sipping on her liquor at a local ramen stall. She spends the whole day there until it was midnight;
“Ani…miss, miss, mianhamnida…but we need to close our stall now, it past midnight already; I think you should be headed home too, miss.” The stall owner tries to wake her up. She was a bit drunk that night as she headed out after paying her bill. She wasn’t heading straight home that night; she ordered the taxi driver to stop her at a playground near a kindergarten.

“If only I could turn back time, I’ll chose to be the little Cherry again; the little Cherry everyone loves and adores.” She murmured; watching the dark sky as sitting on a swing. She then headed to a wrench near the slide to take a nap; she drops herself on the wrench with her eyes close. She though she’ll see the dark sky as she open her eyes again but;
“Ya!” she founds out that she was resting her head on a man’s lap; she quickly gets up and suddenly falls from the wrench.
“Eh, gwenchana...Miss?” The man approaches her and offers his hand to help her get up. She just ignores him and gets on her feet by herself;
“Are you alright, Miss?” The man approaches Chae Rim again as she looks unstable.

Chae Rim ends up sitting on the wrench again as her head started to felt heavy;
“Omo…my head…” the man just watched her as he stands next to her.
“Urm, mianhamnida…I wasn’t alert there was a person sitting here in the first place…” she apologize as she remains her self conscious back.
“Gwenchanayo…” The man just scratch his head; feeling embarrassed.
“Are you alright, miss? You look upset.” He sits besides her looking at her pale face.
“Ya, if you could turn back time, where would you like to be now?” She suddenly pops the question to the man;
“Eh? Me? If I could turn back time, I rather live in this present life more than anything else in the world.”
“I bet you had a really good present life, don’t you?” She smirks as her eyes were still focusing on the dark sky.
“Me? Anio…it’s not really a good life if you wanted to put it that way, but it’s better than how I used to live…” his words caught Chae Rim’s attention thus, making her staring at his dull expression now.
As she observes him, the man looks younger than her; suddenly he turns to her before gives a warm smile making her look away with embarrassed.
“Annyeonghaseyo, I’m Choi Min Hwan…nice to meet you, miss…” he bows before offers his hand to her.
“Go Chae Rim, nice meeting you.” They shake hands before focusing back at the dark sky.
“What did you do, Miss Chae Rim?” He wonders as laid back on the wrench.
“Ya, just call me Chae Rim, araso? I’m just an ordinary clerk in some company; nothing really interesting bout it.”

Suddenly it started to rain heavily; making the both of them ran towards a convenient store for a shelter. They both bought a cup of hot coffee to warm themselves up.
“That was unexpected…” Min Hwan smirks before sipping on his hot coffee.
“Ne…Min Hwan ah, how old are you again?” suddenly Chae Rim pops the question as examine the man standing beside her; he looks rather young to her despite being a little shorter than herself.
“Eh, me? I’m 19.”
“Oh, you should call me noona then.”
“Noona? Waeyo?” He puts down his coffee and stares at Chae Rim’s face.
“I’m older than you, can’t you see that?” She turns to face him.
“Anio…you don’t look like one…Don’t fool me…” He smirks as looking at her.
“Ya! I’m serious, okay?” She started to raise her voice making the whole room now focusing on both of them for a while.
“Araso, araso…but, I still can’t believe it.” He tries to calm her down but still has a smirk on his face.
“Ara…take a look for yourself…” She takes out her ID card from her handbag and handed it to him. He takes her ID and examines it for awhile before handed it back to her.
“See? I’m older than you…infact; I’m 16 years older than you, so you should call me noona.” She takes her ID and put it into her handbag before turning towards her coffee.
“Anio…even though your ID said so, I still can’t believe you’re older than me. So, I won’t call you noona.” Chae Rim seems annoyed by Min Hwan’s words.

“You don’t really have to send me home, Min Hwan…I can get home by myself.” She said as walking across the road with Min Hwan on her left side.
“Ya, how could I leave a woman walking home by herself in this late hour?” He tries to sounds manly.
“I never though you can act like a gentleman.” She smirks.
“Waeyo? Don’t I look like one?” he stops and facing her with smirk on his expression.
“Anio…I don’t mean that, it’s just…I never though a young man could be a gentleman yet can act a bit childish at the same time.” She starts to chuckle.
“Ya! Cherry…ah, am I that childish?” he raises his voice.
“Anio…eh, what did you just call me?” Chae Rim stops then turns to face him with an unsatisfied reaction as Min Hwan was standing behind her.
“Cherry…I just though I should call you Cherry; and you can call me Minari for a change.” He smirks.
“A change? Ya, Min Hwan…ah, we barely known each other!” She tries to stay serious and control her smile.
“Really? Then, we can do it now if you wanted to.” He approaches her.
“Eh? What are you talking about?” Chae Rim starts to make a distance from him.
“Didn’t you say we barely known each other, then…let’s know each other even closer; you can ask me anything you want.” He smiles; making Chae Rim tickles by his action and chuckle as she turns and starts to walk again.
“Ya, Did I say something funny?” He tries to catch up with Chae Rim’s steps as he spoke.
“Anio…How can you be this naïve?”
“Eh? What did you mean by that?”
“We just know each other like 20 minutes ago, Min Hwan…how did you know I’m a good person? What if, I’m a robber who wants to rob you after I lead you to a dark alley?” She stops again as waiting for his reaction.
“Eh, really?” He makes a dull expression as looks towards her.
“An…anio! It’s just an example…”
“See? You’re not a bad person indeed.” He started to walk again.
“Ya! I said WHAT IF….and you still didn’t answer me.”
“Eh? What if? Anio…it won’t be happen…” he looked away like he was sulking.
“Are you…sulking?” she tries to catch up with him.
“I’m happy I could see your smile…Cherry.” Suddenly he said with a smile; making Chae Rim starring at him.
“Ya, are you purposely acting naïve just to cheer me up?” She smirks; he was smiling happily but avoiding her eyes.
“Ye…from the very first time we met, I’m eagerly wanted to know how you would look like when you’re smiling.” He still avoids her eyes.
“And? How was it, are you satisfied with it?” She still tries to get his attention. He suddenly stops and approaches her; making Chae Rim steps backwards until her back touches the hallway’s wall. Their eyes met as he approaches her even closer; she just stands still as gripping a fist if anything goes wrong. He slowly whispers to her ears;
“As I aspect, you look beautiful with that smile…Cherry.” He steps backwards; making a distance from her with a smile on his face; her face turns red.
“I bet you often heard that from your man, right..Cherry?” He started to walk again as glares at her with a smile; Chae Rim still looks shock.
“Ya, Cherry..ah! Did you hear me?” He raises his voice as she still looks clueless just now.
“Ne…I heard you…” She tries to hide her red face.
“Eh?” She still confused.
“Did you often hear that from your boyfriend?”
“Well..actually, anio….I never even had a boyfriend before.”
“No way! That’s impossible!” He started to giggles; making Chae Rim’s red blushing face turns to red angry face.
“Ya! Do I look like I’m fooling you?” She steps away angrily; making Min Hwan stunt for a while.
“Eh? Seriously? Ya, Cherry…ah! Wait up!” He runs towards her.
“Ya, Cherry! I don’t mean it like that…” He grabs her wrist to stop her; making her piss off even more thus, she grips her fist and punches him; luckily, Min Hwan manages to grab her fist before it landed on his face.
“Whoa… that was close…” He sighs as tries to calm her down.
“Ya! Is it bad to not have a single date in my entire 35 years of life just because I’m worried I might get hurt?” She shouts at him as starring at his hazel eyes; for some reason, her tears fall to her cheeks as she spoke.
“Mianhaeyo…Cherry…I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She turns her back to Min Hwan; she just realizes of her silliness and felt a bit embarrassed bout her actions.
“Ne…Urm…Min Hwan…ah, can we just forget bout this?” She tries to control embarrassed tone as she speak.
“Eh?” He seems confused.
“Mianhaeyo…I keep on loosing my sense as I get piss off.” She said; still has her back on him before starts to walk fast again, leaving Min Hwan confused.
“Ya! Wait up! We aren’t finish yet!” Min Hwan shouts while running to her until he manages to walk besides her.
“Ya! Why did you leave me?”
“I apologize, ara? Mianhae for my earlier actions…I didn’t mean to punch you or anything…I just…”
“Didn’t I promise to walk you home earlier? So, you’re not supposed to leave me.” He crosses his arms around his chest.
“Eh? Aren’t you upset bout earlier?”
“Should I?” He still tries to sound as cool as he can. Chae Rim just shut her mouth as they walk.
“Ya! Chill out, Cherry! You’re killing the mood…” he glares at her with a smirk.
“Eh?” Her reaction makes Min Hwan giggles.
“Ya, why are you laughing?”
“Are you alert, that you look cuter when you’re clueless?”
“Ya!” she smiles as felt embarrassed at him; the mood were getting better that night.

“Here we are, my not so sweet apartment…” They both stop in front of her apartment; she smirks as glancing at the building’s main entrances.
“I guess you better headed home too; it’s already too late for a student to be out at this hour.” She said as confronting him.
“Ne…I’ll get home as soon as you enter the building.” He glares at her.
“Ya! Listen to your noona will you?” she tries to control her anger.
“You’re not my noona…and I’m not going anywhere until you go inside.” he smirk as making a child-like-sulk expression.
“Ya! You’ll catch a cold if you stay out too long.”
“You could catch a cold too; you better get inside first.”
“You are really a hard headed aren’t you?” she said as shutting the door behind her angrily.
“See you tomorrow night, Cherry!” Min Hwan shouts at the door as smiles warmly before making his way home;
“Funny kid…”She smiles as takes a peek at him behind the curtain as he walks away.

“Unnie? Where did you go last night? I was really worried bout you…unnie, are you mad at me?” Shin Min Ah approaches Chae Rim that was preparing their breakfast; Chae Rim just keeps her silent.
“Ani… Min Ah, how do you like your eggs to be?” Chae Rim suddenly pops the question as she looked at her.
“Eh? Urm…anything for me, unnie.” She still tries to figure out what Chae Rim was thinking right now.
“Here you go scramble eggs for my dear Min Ah.” She handed the plate with a smile; making Min Ah slightly confuse with her action that morning.
“Unnie, aren’t you mad at me?”
“Eh? Waeyo? Should I be?” She sat beside her while placing her plate of scramble eggs.
“Ani..Anio…it’s just, your look quite different than usual, unnie.”
“Eh? Really? I wake up earlier with a really good mood today; I wonder if it has anything to do with last night…” She suddenly smirks as playing with her scramble eggs with a fork.
“Last night?” Min Ah was still confused when Chae Rim left her alone in the kitchen to get prepare for her workplace.
Go Chae Rim was the owner and designer of Cherry’s Wardrobe; a boutique that was opened 5 years earlier at the center of Seoul, Korea. She started her business with the help of Mr. Go as he insisted his daughter to open up a boutique right after she finishes her studies on fashion and design; that is 8 years ago, but she decided to further her studies in fine art as that was her passion; after graduated her fine art course, she finally agreed to proceed her father’s wish even though she wasn’t that thrill as Mr. Go was about the boutique.

“Annyeong! Ya, I bought you guys some breakfast; I bet you didn’t eat yet, huh?” Chae Rim smiles warmly as greeted her employee before handed the breakfast she just bought earlier to them. The three of her employee looks confused by her sudden change of mood.
“Ya…Ya! Did you see that? Is that our Boss…?” Junnie spoke as she looks at her friends; Hom Min and Chun Ah.
“That was awkward…I though she’d be shouting all of a sudden like she used to.” Hom Min glares at Chae Rim’s room. Chun Ah just sit in front of the table and reach for the breakfast Chae Rim just bought.
“Ya! What are you think you’re doing? Aren’t we supposed to finish up these clothes this week? You really miss Cherry’s loud voice that much, huh?” Junnie shout as Chun Ah starts eating.
“We better clear up this table before she suspects us to not being a thankful employee.” She said calmly as biting her breakfast.
“Eh? Junnie..ah, I think this lumpy girl got a point…let’s just eat up our breakfast before her mood changes.” Hom Min sat down beside Chun Ah and grabs a bite.
“Ya! Are you saying I’m fat?” Chun Ah started to raise her voice.
“SHhhh! Chun Ah, you didn’t want our Cherry to get all grumpy again, don’t you?” she takes her sit in front of Hom Min.
“Ne…” The three of them eat up they breakfast before started they work again afterwards.

That night, as they promised; Min Hwan had waited for Chae Rim at the same playground as last time their met. She showed up earlier than their first met;
“Annyeong..Cherry!” Min Hwan smiles as approaches her.
“Annyeong…ya, you really wanted to see me that bad, huh?” Chae Rim smirks as starring at Min Hwan’s hazel eyes.
“Maybe…” Min Hwan smirks as glares at her; making Chae Rim giggles as handed him a can of soda she just bough on her way there earlier.

Since their first met, they both are being close to each other and keep on meeting continually every night at the playground; talking bout themselves and their everyday life. Even though their age gape was about 16 years; they both manage to be comfortable with each other.
Most of the people around Min Hwan and Chae Rim notice the changes in their self since then; especially for Chae Rim’s friends and family; she seems rather calm then she usual do before meeting with Min Hwan.

“Minari…ah, remember the first time we met?” she looks at the sky; the sky was bright that night.
“Ne…Waeyo?” Min Hwan looks at her face.
“Anio…did you remember my first question to you that night?” Chae Rim’s eyes were still on the sky.
“Ne…you ask if I can turn back time, where I would rather be…” He still stares at her.
“Your past life…what it was like? You look kind of unease when talking bout it.” She looks at her soda can as she speaks; she didn’t dare to look at his eyes.
“Eh? My past life?” His expressions changes.
“Ne…but, it’s okay if you don’t felt comfortable talking bout that issue with me, I understand.” She didn’t want to pushes Min Hwan.
“Gwenchanayo…You can ask me about anything you want; didn’t I tell you earlier? Hurm…let me see…my life; I was born on 11 NOV 1992 to begin with, Choi Gee Sha was my mom; she passes away after delivers my little sister; Choi Goon Min that was born on 5 JULY 1999. My appa? He’s a very responsible dad when omma was alive; right after she passes away, appa started to drink and being dismissed from his workplace as he often skips from work. He when missing later for about half of a year due to his debt with some loan sharks, I was 8 when these happen; I was lucky as I manage to make some money by working with my aunt Esther to buy some home appliance and food for the both of us. Half a year later, appa came home again; he when home just to packed up his things for he had something to do at overseas. He said he wanted to brought Goo Min with him as he wanted her to further her studies overseas when she grows up; he’ll take me later after the whole things settles down. I let him take Goo Min that day; never though it was the last day I being able to see her smile. Two long years later, appa came home again; I though he was going to keep his promise.” He stops to clear his throat before continued.
“Minari…ah, you can stop if you want to…” she started to felt sorry for him.
“Anio, I have to finish this…dad tell me that Goo Min was staying with a real wealthy and nice family now, and can further her studies as she wish to when she grows up; thus I notice something; appa had sold Goo Min to a foreigner just to pay his loans. The following year; I read a newspaper article saying William’s resident just burn down with no survivors; 2 females, 2 males and a little girl were found dead. That’s when I know, I just lost my only sister.” He sighs while looking at the wide sky.
“Then? What did you do? Didn’t you get angry at your dad?” she tries not to push him.
“At first, I though I just want to stab the man with a kitchen knife or something, but it wasn’t worth it…thus, I remember what omma used to tell me; life is short, don’t waste it with tears nor hateful…used it wisely and make it worth your life for.” He smirks before turns to face Chae Rim.
“Woah…that’s a good one, I bet your mom are really proud of you now.” She smiles at him as starring into his eyes.

“Unnie? Where are you from? Who was that?” Shin Min Ah pops out suddenly from behind Chae Rim that was peeking at Min Hwan as he was walking home.
“Ya, why are you still awake at this hour?” She speaks as her eyes were still glaring at Min Hwan’s direction; hoping Min Ah didn’t see him.
“Anio…I was in bed, but then I heard you’re home…so I though I wanted to had a midnight snack with you.” She stares at Chae Rim with suspicious.
“Are you seeing someone, unnie?” Chae Rim stumps by her question; thus, turns to her.
“Why would you say that?”
“You’ve been acting pretty weird these days, unnie.”
“Anio…it’s just you… I’m still the same single Go Chae Rim…”
“Then, who’s Minari?” She was shock when Min Ah pointed at her handbag; it’s a keychain written; Minari.
“Eh? Since when did this thing hang here?” She was shock to see Min Hwan’s keychain was hanging on her handbag.
“He must put it on when I was going to the restroom earlier.” She murmured to herself.
“Min Ah, I can explain…it wasn’t really a date…it was…” Min Ah suddenly hugs Chae Rim with joy.
“I’m happy for you, unnie! Finally, you have a date! Yay! We should celebrate this…I’ll get some soju.” Min Ah then left the confused Chae Rim alone beside the window to prepare their drinks in the kitchen.
“Ani…Min Ah…actually, it wasn’t really a date…you see…he was my dongsaeng.”
“Eh? But both of you are close right?”
“Ne… kind of…” she sips on her soju.
“What did you guys talk about?” Shin Min Ah seems interested in knowing Chae Rim’s and Min Hwan’s relationship.
“Urm… almost everything actually… we’re kind of opened with each other, he even told me bout his childhood tonight.”
“Really? You two seems really close then… closer than ‘just a friend’ relationship.”
“Ya! Stop it already, ara? You’re already sounds like a real private investigator… It’s already late; go and get some sleep or you’ll be late for your class tomorrow.” She ordered her.
“Ara...ara...I’m going…but, tell me if there’s any progress between you two, ok?” She started to move from there to her room leaving Chae Rim sitting alone with a bottle of soju in front of her; she slowly pour the soju into her glass.
“Closer than ‘just a friend’ relationship, huh?” she murmured as smirks; starring at the soju bottle.

“Eh? Is it today?” Chae Rim wasn’t alert about the blind date that she should be attending this noon.
“Ne…didn’t I told you last week?”
“Eh? You did? Is it when omma called me that Monday morning?”
“Ne…don’t tell me; you forgot bout it, Cherry?”
“Aigoo, Mianhae; omma…I totally forgot about the blind date thing for the whole week.” She bows to her Mrs. Go.
“Gwenchanayo, Cherry…you can cancel this date if you’re not ready.” Mrs. Go looks quite disappointed.
“”An..Anio! I’ll be preparing myself for the date now, ok…omma?” She smiles at Mrs. Go as she didn’t want to disappoint her mother.

“Eh? You did what?” Min Hwan sounds like he didn’t believe what he just heard from Chae Rim earlier.
“Ye, I pour the wine at him…” she felt embarrassed as Min Hwan started to giggles.
“Ya, he started it first!” She takes a sip on her can of soda.
“What exactly he did to you that make you this mad?”
“He said…that I look like a witch.” She looked at her soda can as she speaks.
“Eh? What? Who was him, again?” Min Hwan looks a bit upset about that and started to ask details about Chae Rim’s date.
“His name was Oh Jun Ki; he owns a local pharmacy store.” She tries to avoid looking at Min Hwan.
“Eh? Minari…why did you keep asking about him? You’re not going to do something stupid, aren’t you?” She glances at him as he was typing something on his phone as she speaks.
“Anio…I just being curious bout the people who involved in this blind date program thing.” He smiles at her; try to ensure Chae Rim nothing is going on as Chae Rim felts slightly unease with Min Hwan’s smile.
“Urm…ok…” They didn’t mention about Jun Ki after that.

The next day, Min Ah found a letter under their apartment’s door.
“Eh? Unnie, There’s a letter for you!” Min Ah shouts while putting the letter on their kitchen table.
“Who was it from?”
“I don’t have an idea on that …maybe from one of unnie’s secret admires…” Min Ah smirks at Chae Rim as she opened the fringe to get some milk.
“Yeah right… the first date I ever had with a guy ends up by him calling me a witch, now; I have a secret admires? Are you kidding me?” She smirks as opened up the letter;

Dear Miss Go Chae Rim,
            Mianhamnida for being rude at you on our first date last night; I really felt like a jerk. I shouldn’t call you a witch….Mianhamnida…let’s have another dinner tonight as redeem to my rudeness. I really hope to see you at Galshi Dine tonight at 8. kamsahamnida…
                                                                                                                        Oh Jun Ki

            “Eh? Speaking of the devil…”
            “Waeyo, unnie? Who’s send it?” She jumps to Chae Rim’s back to take a peek on the letter.
            “Eh? Oh Jun Ki? Wasn’t he’s the rude guy who called you a witch last night?”
            “Bingo!” Chae Rim handed the letter to Min Ah and gets an empty bowl and a spoon from the kitchen shelf before headed to the fridge.
            “And now…he’s asking you out, for a dinner …tonight?” Min Ah was starring at the letter.
            “Ye…” She opened up the fridge; helping herself with some cereal and milk before sitting in front of Min Ah.
            “Then… are you going?”
            “Anio! How can I be in the same situation for the second time? It’s just going to be like a dejavuu.” She murmured as scooping a full spoon of cereal into her mouth.
            “Don’t you want to get revenge or something?” She smirks at the letter as Chae Rim was looking at her now.
            “A revenge? What did you mean by that, Min Ah? Start talking…” Somehow it come to her interest to take avenge to Mr. Oh Jun Ki’s rudeness that night. They both plan a scene to make the man felt sorry for messing with the wrong woman.

That night, Chae Rim arrived at the restaurant at 8.10pm. She steps in the restaurant and saw Jun Ki was sitting alone at side of the dining room.
“Annyeonghaseyo, Mr. Oh Jun Ki…Mianhamnida for being a bit late.” She bows at him; making him shocks from his daze.
“Oh, you’ve arrived…Miss Go; kamsahamnida for coming.” He stands up and pulls Chae Rim’s chair to show her seat; like a gentleman, before takes his seat again.
“Kamsahamnida…” Chae Rim felt a bit awkward with the man’s well behavior that was totally different from the last time they dated.
“How do I look today, Mr. Oh Jun Ki?”
“You look pretty…I almost forgot your real age.” He smiles as trying to hide something from her; he seems kind of worried bout something.
“Eh, almost?” Chae Rim was a bit piss off with his answer.
“Oh, I mean…you look like my sister…eh? I mean…you look really beautiful tonight.” He was sweating all of sudden; making Chae Rim felt unease.
“Are you okay, Mr. Oh Jun Ki?”
“Eh? Ne… gwenchanyo…I’m just a bit nervous all of sudden.” He wipes his wet forehead with his handkerchief
“Nervous? Why would you? You look fine last night…”
“Well actually, I got something to tell you about, Miss Chae Rim…Urm…” he was still sweating.
“Ya! What are you doing here? I though you said you’re going for a meeting?” Suddenly, a woman was rushing to their table; making their both shock, especially Chae Rim.
“Eh? Is this part of Min Ah’s plans?” she whisperer to herself as standing; ready to get away from there.
“Urm…I guess I better get going now, nice meeting you…Mr. Oh Jun Ki.” She bows.
“Where do you think you’re going, miss? I’m not finish yet.” The woman grabs Chae Rim’s hands and ordered her to sit on her chair again.
“I want to settle this thing up, tonight.” Chae Rim just sit still as watch the woman starts to nags at the man she barely knows; seems the woman was his wife with three kids. Jun Ki just keeps his head down as she nags non-stop.
“Ani…Miss Go Chae Rim, Mianhamnida for my husbands inappropriate behavior; he supposed to be alert about his family matters rather than fooling around with young woman bachelors.” She bows at Chae Rim before leaving her sitting all alone. Still unsatisfied with what happens, Chae Rim called her best friend; Min Ah, just to make sure.
“Eh? It wasn’t you’re doing? Then, who was her? Is she…his wife for real?!?!” Chae Rim hangs up the line after realizing something.
“Oh…that’s why he was nervous all of the sudden. That good for nothing jerk, thank god I didn’t fall for him!” She sips her drink with anger. As usual, Min Hwan was waiting for Chae Rim to shows up at the playground that night.

“Yo, Cherry…ah! How was your dated today?” Min Hwan greets as moves aside to offer Chae Rim to sit beside him.
“It wasn’t working…The guy seems to be a married man who enjoyed fooling around with unmarried woman…” her tone was down. Chae Rim was feeling down all of a sudden; the man can see it as she spokes, then, pulls her head to set on his shoulder.
“Ya! What are you trying to do?”
“You look a bit gloomy today, so, I wanted to lend you my shoulders so you could rest on it; maybe you would felt better after that.”
“What makes you think I needed a shoulder right now?” She seems to come to her self again.
“Who knows…you might fall for me…” he smirks at her. Chae Rim Smirks before their both starts to giggles.
“Ani…gomawo, Minari… for tonight.”
“Eh? What did I do?” He stops as turns to face her.
“Nothing really…you just make me felt better all of the sudden.” She smirks as leading the way; Min Hwan then followed her from behind.

“Eh? Minari…ah, how did you know I have a date tonight?” She stops right in front of him.
“Ani… What are you talking about, Cherry? Didn’t you’re the one who tell me about that last night?”
“Really, I did?” She then just turns her back on the man and starts walking again. They both stopped in front of Cherry’s apartment building.

“Thank god she didn’t suspect a thing…” Min Hwan was sighing relief after she enters the building.  He then stopped by a pharmacy; to buy some medicine for his father before heading home.
“I’m home, appa…” He steps inside his house and locked the door behind him before headed straight to Mr. Choi’s bedroom. His father was lying in his bed since he got a stroke 8 years ago; since then, Min Hwan was the one who take care of him.
“Appa, Mianhaeyo for being home late I bought your medicine on my home earlier.” Min Hwan helped Mr. Choi to sit on his bed.
“Gwenchana, Minari… Mianhaeyo for being a burden to you.” He suddenly felt sorry for his son.
“Anio… don’t say that, appa. You’re never a burden to me, I was lucky to have a chance to take care of my appa.” He smiles as handed his father some pills and a glass of water.
“Gomawo, Minari… you’re really a good son. I was lucky to have you; Gee Sha must be proud of you if she’s still with us.” Min Hwan watches Mr. Choi as he started to stares at the window.

“Eh? Another blind date?” Chae Rim seems puzzled with Mrs. Go’s request.
“Ne… it’s supposed to be next week, but your date can’t wait on meeting you… so, he requests to have the date tomorrow night.”
“Eh? But, omma… I though the blind date was just that one time…”
“Who ever told you that? It’s called a blind date for a reason, dear… nether less, we can’t quit right now. We’ll find you’re Mr. Right as soon as possible.” She smiles as pinching her only daughter’s cheek. Chae Rim just sat silently as she still didn’t seem to believe what her mother has planned for her life.

“Another date?”
“Ne… that’s what omma said this morning, I just didn’t have the mood to go through all of this stuff.” She murmured as starring at the full moon.
“Ani… did you agree with her?”
“Anio! But I can’t say no either… she looks really worried bout me not being married; she really wanted to have a grandchild from me.” She sighs as glares at Min Hwan. They both sit silently that night under the full moon’s bright light.

“Waeyo? What is it this time, Cherry? I though you two have a chemistry with each other.” Mrs. Go seems to be disappointed bout Chae Rim’s blind date result.
“Ne… I did try my best last night omma, but he seems to be too demanding.”
“Ne… he said he wanted me to be a full time housewife and moved out to his house after we married.”
“I got it if you didn’t agree on his first terms but, what’s with the second one?”
“He lives in Africa, omma…” Mrs. Go seems shock with her daughter’s answer.

“Are you serious?” Min Hwan started to laugh his heart out as listening to Chae Rim’s story.
“Ya! Waeyo?”
“Anio… I just can’t believe what you just said… it’s like impossible for a woman like you to fail on 10 dates straight, in just a week! It must be a new record.” He smirks as glares at Chae Rim.
“Ya! You must be really enjoying yourself right now, huh… Minari?” Chae Rim seems to be pisses off by the man and stands up from there to walk home.
“Cherry… ah! Chill out, I’m just kidding.” He pulls her hands until she sits back on the wrench.
“Mianhae… I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings… but just look at the bright side, okay?” He smiles at her.
“And what bright side should I look from?” She glares at Min Hwan; angrily.
“Well… many, to be exact.” He starts.
“Eh? Really? Stat one then…”
“Ara… start with your first date; Mr. Oh Jun Ki… if you ever married that man, you must have to face his fierce looking wife, right?” He smirks; making Chae Rim giggles as nodding several times.
“Secondly; Mr. Kim Ah Jun… a freelance journalist, if he’s your husband, will you even lives here anymore? I bet he wont let you out of he’s side even for a second.”
“Ara… then, what about my fifth date; Mr. Jae Moon Ho? He’s rather a gentlemen.”
“Ne… He was… but, he won’t be a ‘gentlemen’ after you know his occupation.” He smirks.
“Ne… I almost forgot… he was a gigolo…” She tries to clear her throat; Moon Ho was firstly introducing himself as an entertainer to her, and then admits his real job the next day. To think bout it, every date she dated for the whole week, give a good impression at the first time; then suddenly, they begins to pops out their every dirty secrets to her the very next day. Chae Rim founds it weird to have those men to be that sincere towards her.
“Ani… Minari… ah, is it normal for guys to be really opened up with their date for the first time?” She seems clueless about these sorts of thing despites her age.
“Eh? Anio… normally guys will try their best to impress girls, especially on their first date; they wanted the girl to see them as the perfect type a.k.a. the flawless type.” He stats before sipping on his soda to clear his throat.
“Waeyo? Is something bothering you, Cherry?”
“Anio… somehow, all of the guys I ever dated just act kind of weird after our first date.” Min Hwan seems unease by Chae Rim’s words.
“Why would you say that?” He tries to sounds calm as he started to sweat.
“They seem to be really opened up to me the next day… ”
“Eh? Really? Then, you’re lucky… maybe they didn’t want to lie to you after seeing you being rather sincere towards them.” He still avoids on facing her.
“Really, you think so?” She stares at the sky; as Min Hwan sighs.

Two days later, Go Chae Rim was sending Mr. Go to a local hospital for a monthly medical check up. When she suddenly met up with her high school crush;
“Is this… Go Chae Rim…?” The doctor smiles at her as she steps into his room.
“Ne… you’re…” She seems dull for a moment, as the handsome doctor recognize her.
“I’m Jae Wooky… I mean, Kim Jae Wook… from Miss Chung Han Min’s class…”
“Eh? Jae Wooky? Omo…It’s really you!” They both shakes hands before Chae Rim introduce Dr. Kim Jae Wook to Mr. Go as her ex-colleague. After the check up, Jae Wook insisted on sending Mr. Go home himself before going for a drink with Chae Rim later.
“So, what did you do for a living, Chae Rim?” Jae Wook sips on his coffee.
“I have my own boutique, and I’m designing the lines.”
“Whoa… that’s huge, Chae Rim! I bet your parents must be really proud of you right now.” He smiles warmly; making Chae Rim blushed, it’s hard for her to stop thinking bout him for all this while; it’s even harder for her to act as if she didn’t remember him earlier.
“Kamsahamnida… how did you ended up here, Jae Wook?” She tries to hide her red face as spoke.
“Ya, don’t be too formal… will you? I just moved here after finally have the permission from omma; it’s hard just to make her let go of me.” He smirks as starring at his coffee.
“Ne… she eagerly didn’t want me to go back to Korea at first and even assured me to open up a private clinic in the States but I didn’t agree with her.”
“So you decided to fly back to Korea, alone?”
“Ne… I tell her I’ll visit her in the States twice a month if she let me stay here; she say yes.”
“And… how often did you visit her when you’re staying at United States again?” she was curious.
“Once per two months; I am really a busy man, you know.” He smirks.
“That’s why she agrees with that… you’re really sneaky.” She chuckles while glares at him before the both starts to laugh.

That night, Chae Rim meets up with Min Hwan like they used to at the playground. She was a bit late due to her meeting with Jae Wook earlier.
“Mianhae… Minari… something came up, that’s why I’m a bit late today.” She said as handed him a can of Coke as her token of apologize.
“Gwencahanayo… as long as you’re here now.” He accepts the drink and offers her to sit beside him.
“Ani… How’s your dad’s health?”
“Appa just being fine… even though the doctor advised him to be more careful about his diet due to his age; overall, he’s going to be fine…” she smiles brightly.
“Did something happen to you today?” he glares at Cherry suspiciously.
“Waeyo?” she smirks as glares back at him.
“You look quite different; you never smile like that at me.”
“Smile like what?” she was blushing all of a sudden.
“Ya… tell me already!”
“Ani… it’s nothing really…it’s just… I met… my high school crush today…” she looked at her feet as she spoke; felling slightly embarrassed.
“That’s great, now you can have a real date!” He spoke brightly.
“Eh? Ya! We’re just ex-school mates; that doesn’t have anything to do with dating, did it?” She tries to sound calm as her hands were still shivering from embarrassed.
“Think every possibilities; will you? Are you rather being married to a guy from a blind date that you barely know his true side than married your ex-school mate that you known long enough to make you had a crush on him?” He stares at Cherry’s blushing face.
“But… I’m not his taste to begin with… actually, I don’t even know what his ideal type of girl is; or…maybe, just maybe he already had a girlfriend.” She sips on her Coke to clear her throat.
“And… maybe not, right? How bout we find out bout it, just incase.” He smirks.
“Eh?” she looks confused.

It was two days after Chae Rim meet up with Jae Wook;
“Cherry… ah, did your J guy ever called you after your last meet?” He glances at Chae Rim that was starring at the stars; it’s rather a bright sky to night.
“Did he?”
“Anio… never… I think he didn’t have any interest in me at all.” She seems disappointed.
“Ya, don’t give up that easily, will you? Maybe he was just being busy the whole time.” He tries to chill Chae Rim up.
“Then, should I call him for a change?”
“Anio! Never ever do that, arasso?”
“Some guys will felt awkward if the girl make the first move; either way, some guys might like it.” He sips on his coke.
“Eh?” She seems lost by his words.
“Arasso, arasso, just follow my plans, okay? And you’ll get your man just before you know it.” He smirks at the clueless Chae Rim.
Since that night, Min Hwan keeps on acting like a cupid as he tries to make Jae Wook falls for Chae Rim.

“Cherry… ah, what did your J guy was like, really…and what is it that make you fall for him in the first place?”
“Well, to be exact… he’s the kind of quiet and simple guy besides he always looks cool and sweet at the same time….and… I can’t really figure out when it happened; but I just notice I have fallen for him as I watched him play at the senior’s basketball championship… ” She smile with her blushed cheek; she have completely fallen for Jae Wook.
“Eh? He’s your senior in high school, right? Then, why didn’t you address him as oppa?” Min Hwan looked at Chae Rim that was still starring at the sky with a red face; trying her hardest to avoid eye contact with him.
“Do I have to answer that?” She looks at Min Hwan that was nodding several times; like a child, eagerly wanted to know her answer.
“Ne… I tell you then, but promise me; you won’t laugh at it.” Min Hwan put his right hand up; like he was swearing.
“I have this habit; I can’t really address a namja that was older than me as oppa besides my real oppa.”
“I can’t seem control my blushing mode; so, whenever I address an older namja as oppa, my face turns red like a ripe tomato… so, I usually address an older namja with their names.” She look at her feet; feeling slightly embarrassed.
“For real?”
“Ne… so, I can’t address Jae Wook with oppa as I’ll just end up as a talking ripe tomato while talking to him; even worst, he might even laugh at me.” She spoke, still looking down.
“Ya, chill out… ara? Gwenchanayo… you might can’t call him oppa right now; someday you’ll call him that every single day.” He smirk at her as lifting her chin with his fingers; making Chae Rim blushed again; she turns her back at him.
“Whoa, the ripe tomato has awakened! Haha!” He laughs; making Chae Rim piss off and chase him around the playground with her handbag.

“Minari said I should be more patient and take more ladylike actions when I’m with Jae Wook. Eh? Does that mean I’m not ladylike enough to him?” Chae Rim murmured as preparing her morning coffee.
“Annyeonghaseyo, unnie!” Min Ah came and gives a morning back hug to her.
“Annyeong… how was your date last night?” She said as pouring the hot water into the coffee mixture; Min Ah release her hug from Chae Rim.
“It’s a good one… we had a dinner and some chat… and…” She was blushing as she spoke.
“And?” Chae Rim was curios bout it.
“And…” she suddenly raised her hand to show a diamond ring at her tiny finger. Chae Rim was surprise;
“Oh My Gosh! He proposed?” She grabs Min Ah’s hand to see the diamond ring closer.
“Anio! Not yet… he said this was just a present for me; he’s going to meet appa and omma soon, might take weeks or months till then. Si Won oppa is a really busy man.” She looked at the ring while smiles excitedly.
“You’re really lucky, Min Ah… to have Si Won as your husband.” She smirks at her.
“Ne… I know…Eh?” She looked at Chae Rim with suprised.
“Husband? Unnie! We’re not even married yet!” She covered her red face with her both hands.
“You’re guys going to, right? Might as well you get used on being called ‘Si Won’s wife’ before you guys get married so you won’t felt awkward then.” She smirks as sitting at the kitchen table with her coffee while smirking at Min Ah.
“Unnie!” Min Ah runs to Chae Rim and give her a back hug while hiding her face.
“I’m really happy for you, Min Ah… I know he’ll be your Mr. Right.” She whispered while grabbing Min Ah’s hands; Min Ah rest her head on Chae Rim’s shoulder.
“Kamsahamnida unnie, don’t worry… I bet you’ll find your Mr. Right sooner or later.” She replies to Chae Rim as giving a neck hug at her.

“Eh? Am I’m hearing things or did you just told me to stop going to the blind dates, omma?” Chae Rim still finds it hard to believe what Mrs. Go just told her.
“Ne… I think I shouldn’t push you too hard on marriage, dear…” She lowers her voice as sipping on her cup of tea.
“Eh? Why so sudden, omma? Did something happen?” Chae Rim started to get worried bout Mrs. Go’s decision. The woman just sat silently for while; like she was thinking for answer for her daughter’s question;
“Anio… nothing really happen; I just can’t take it when your appa starts to nags at me bout forcing you to go on those dates.” She makes a dull expression as starring at the café window.
“Appa did?” Cherry just smiles at Mrs. Go’s behavior as sipping on her tea. Even though sometimes Mr. Go looks kind of pushy on her; on some other way, he can be rather an understanding father to her.
“Kamsahamnida, appa…” she whispered as watching the taxi Mrs. Go’s just ride in droves away. Suddenly her phone ring;
“Yoboseoyo, Chae Rim talking.” She wonders who’s on the other line.
“Yoboseoyo, it’s me… Jae Wooky.”  She was shock to hear Jae Wook’s voice on the other line; her face turns red immediately; she can hardly breath as she was to nervous to do so.
“Yoboseoyo? Yeoboseoyo? Chae Rim..ah, are you still there?” Jae Wook speaks as Chae Rim was keeping her silence for a while.
“Ne… Ne… I’m still here.”
“Ani… I just wonder if you’re free this Saturday night…” Chae Rim was about to scream as heard what he just ask; but she manages to pull it back.
“Ne… I’m free on that day, waeyo?” she acts fool.
“Really? So, can we meet this Saturday night? I was planning on going to the amusement park that night.”
“Amusement park? I love to! Count me in!” She tries to sound friendly as possible to hide her embarrass tone in her voice. They hung up after discuss the time and the place.

“Amusement park? Are you sure, Cherry?” Min Hwan looks pretty worried hearing about Chae Rim going to the amusement park.
“Ne… sure I’m sure… waeyo? Is something wrong with I’m going to the amusement park?” she glares back at Min Hwan.
“Anio… nothing… it’s just… going on the first date at an amusement park… it’s kind of…”
“Waeyo? People do go to amusement on their dates, didn’t they?”
“Urm… Ne… they did… but if it’s your case… it’s kind of weird.”
“Ne… wasn’t it weird for someone at his age to have a date with a girl at an amusement park?” he smirks at her.
“Ne... I guess that does kind of make sense…” she looked at the sky.
“Eh?” she suddenly realizes something and turns to Min Hwan that was standing slowly.
“Ya! He was the same age as me, are you saying I’m too old for an amusement park?” She stands from her seat with anger as Min Hwan was ready to run away from her when suddenly, her phone rang; it was Jae Wook on the other line.
“Ne… annyeong kaseyo.”  She hung up with a smile on her face; Min Hwan approaches her.
“Is that him?” Min Hwan sat beside her.
“Ne… He was reminding me bout our date tomorrow night; he said he was really looking forward bout the meeting.” She stares at her phone screen as smiles excitedly; like a child looking at a candy. Min Hwan just looked at her smiling face as he was still kind of worried bout Chae Rim.

“Annyeonghaseyo, Chae Rim! Mianhamnida for being late… something came up on my way here.” Jae Wook apologies as bows several times in front her.
“Gwenchanayo… you weren’t that late after all; I was just arrived myself.” She lied as smiling at him; actually, she arrived there an hour ago. They both enters the amusement park entrance and headed straight to the roller coaster ride before headed to the ferries wheel; Chae Rim always wanted to take a ride on a roller coaster since her last visit there that was three years ago, it has been her favorite ride at the amusement park.

The next night, Chae Rim waited for Min Hwan at the playground; she was eagerly wanted to tell him what happen at the amusement park. Min Hwan arrived a few moments later with a plastic with two cans of soda.
“Mianhae… Cherry, the convenience store was crowded tonight, that’s why I’m a bit late.” He apologizes before sitting next to her.
“Gwenchanayo… as long as you came.” She smiled excitedly.

“Eh, he didn’t ask you to go into the tunnel of love with him? What’s wrong with this picture?” Min Hwan scratches back of his head.
“Waeyo? What’s so weird about that? That means he was a really matured man…” she stares at her cell phone; like hoping Jae Wook’s name will appeared on the screen any minute.
“Ya, matured man? I never know about being matured has anything to do with a date, but all I know is he even might not be a normal man.”
“Ouch! Why did you do that for?” Chae Rim suddenly knocks Min Hwan’s head with her fist.
“Ya! Why did you say that?”
“If you care bout him that much, why didn’t you just confronts him?” Min Hwan looks like he was piss off by Chae Rim’s earlier actions; making her surprised for a moment.
“Minari… ah, mianhae… I didn’t mean to knock your head, did it hurt?” Chae Rim peeks at Min Hwan that was looking away from her; sulking like a little boy.
“Minari… ah, mianhae… did it hurt? Let noona see that.” She rubs his head with her hand, like a sister tries to persuade her little brother; Min Hwan suddenly grabs her hand with anger and turn to her,
“Ya, do I look like a kid to you?” There was no smile on his face; Chae Rim was too shock to speak as she never saw Min Hwan in that emotional stat before.
“Minari… ah…I’m…”
“Just, don’t do that again, ara?” Min Hwan stares at her eyes for a moment, waiting for her answers.
“Ne… I won’t…” She tries to avoid his eyes; he slowly release her hands before turn his back on Chae Rim again.
“Mianhae… I never though you would…” She still though Min Hwan was upset bout her knocking his head.
“You can knock my head or even beat me up, Chae Rim… but, just please… don’t treat me like a kid, will you?” He still has his back on her.
“Eh? Urm… Arasso… I promised I won’t…” Chae Rim was surprised with his responds but still agrees with him as she wants thing to go back as it usually does.
She jump a bit when suddenly her cell phone rang; it was Jae Wook on the other line, Chae Rim turns her back on Min Hwan to answer the call.
“Yoboseoyo, Jae Wook…” Min Hwan suddenly turns to Chae Rim as he heard the name Jae Wook and started to listen to her conversation with Jae Wook. She hangs up five minutes later and turns to face Min Hwan again.
“Ya!” she was shock to see Min Hwan face was right in front of hers right now.
“Did he just ask you out again, just now?” He suddenly spoke with a curious tone.
“Urm… Ne… eh? Are you all right, Minari?”
“Did you say yes?” He ignores Chae Rim’s earlier question.
“Ne… it was next Saturday night; he was going to be busy for the whole week.”
“Ne… arasso… so we have until the end of next week.” Min Hwan smirks as looks away.
“Until the end of next week, for what?” Chae Rim looks puzzled.
“Till your date of course!”

“Try not to look desperate, but don’t look like you’re rejecting him at the same time; arasso?” Min Hwan words have stuck in her head since their meet last night. He’s been repeating those words right after she got a call from Jae Wook earlier.
“Annyeonghaseyo, Chae Rim!” Jae Wook suddenly pops behind her; making her jump a little bit.
“Annyeong…” Chae Rim tries to sounds calm; while her heart was pounding hard as Jae Wook was sitting right in front of her now.
“How about a movie tonight?”
“Eh? A movie? Sounds great…” She tries to practice what Min Hwan was saying to her early; don’t look desperate but don’t look like you’re rejecting him at the same time. Later, they headed to the cinema and watched a horror movie before getting a late supper at a Chinese food restaurant. That night, Jae Wook shows his interested in Chae Rim as he tries to impress her by telling her bout his studies and what he has been through these past years.

Since that day afterwards, whenever Chae Rim was about to go out on a date with Jae Wook, Minari will ask the details and even gives her useful tips on what to do or not to do on a date.
Chae Rim was going out with Jae Wook more often then she usual did these past few weeks but she still meets up with Min Hwan at the end of the day.

A few days later, Jae Wook asks Chae Rim to go out for a dinner with him at an Italian restaurant;
“Ani… Chae Rim… ah, we’ve been dating for nearer 2 months for now, right?” Jae Wook seems nervous as he keeps avoiding Chae Rim eyes; making her nervous herself.
“Ne… it’s been 2 months now…” She keeps down her voice to hide her nervous tone.
“I just wonder if you could call me oppa from now on.” She was surprise to hear that coming from Jae Wook;
‘Oppa? Why so sudden? Minari never warned me bout this.’ She begins to panic as her face turns red.
“Chae Rim? Waeyo? Are you mad at me? Gwenchanayo if you didn’t want to… I’m not going to force you to; you can call me whatever you like.” He smiles try to calm the nervous Chae Rim.
“Ani…Anio… it’s not that, I could do that…but, wasn’t that means…”
“Urm… calling an old friend oppa… wasn’t it a bit weird?”
“Friend? I never said I treat you as my friend before, Chae Rim.” Chae Rim shook her head; her face turns bright red; making Jae Wook giggles.
“You’re cute, Chae Rim… why didn’t you show me your red face before?” He smirks as looking at the embarrass Chae Rim;
‘That was the second time a man told me I was cute after Minari did; felts like dejavuu’ She looks at her feet.
“So, Chae Rim? What’s your answer? But I can understand it if you’re not comfortable with it.” He tries to look un-pushy but actually; he was forcing her.
“Didn’t I said earlier? I could do that…oppa…” She finally has the guts to make an eye contact with Jae Wook; even though her face is still red. Suddenly Jae Wook jump out of his chair with joy; making the entire room is now focusing on the couple, Chae Rim just giggles as watch Jae Wook’s reaction.

Earlier that evening, Min Hwan was planning on surprising his beloved girlfriend, Park Moon Ae; an 18 year old art student at a local college. They have known each other since Min Hwan have ever remembered; as Moon Ae’s mother, Aunt Esther was Min Hwan’s late mother’s friend. They have been good friend since then and start dating since high school and ends up being a couple afterward.
Min Hwan arrived at Moon Ae’s house that evening with two boxes of sushi he bough earlier at the sushi stand on his way there; sushi has been Moon Ae’s favorite cuisine since elementary.
“I bet she’s going to like it.” He smirks as ringing Moon Ae’s doorbell; she was staying with her college friends since Aunt Esther moved to the States 2 years ago. After a moment, Min Hwan though he will see Moon Ae appeared at the door, but instead of Moon Ae, an unknown man pops from behind the door.
“Annyeonghaseyo… can I help you?” The man asks Min Hwan; he appeared to be a wealthy from his clothes and maybe even older than himself. Min Hwan tries to calm himself and try not to jump to any conclusions.
“Is Park Moon Ae home?”
“Ne… she’s inside, may I know… who are you?” He asks as examined Min Hwan from top to toe.
“I’m her boy…I mean… I’m her friend. May I see her?” he avoids eye contact with the man as he didn’t want to explode there.
“Ne… I’ll call her out for you; just wait here for a minute.” He smirks as takes a last glare at Min Hwan before closed the door behind him.
“Ya! Who does he think he was? I’m her boyfriend, and there he was… acting like her husband!” Min Hwan murmured to himself while gripping his fist with anger. Suddenly the door opened again;
“Moon Ae?” he was disappointed to see that man appeared again.
“Mianhamnida, mr… Moon Ae said she didn’t want to meet you tonight; and she wishes to not meet you again afterwards.” He smirks as spokes with an annoying tone.
“Excused me?” Min Hwan can’t believe what he just heard.
“Moon Ae said…”
“I heard what you just said, mr… but that couldn’t be the same Moon Ae I know to talk like that to me.” He seems to be pisses off by the man.
“Are you accusing me on lying?”
“Maybe… who knows? Now, just let me see her… will you?” there’s a sigh of anger in his voice as he pushes the man to the side.
“Ya! Are you deaf? Didn’t I said, Moon Ae didn’t wanted to see you!” The man grabs Min Hwan’s collar hard; Min Hwan pushes the man harder, making the man fall to the ground. As soon as Min Hwan tries to enter the house, the man approaches him from behind and pushed Min Hwan to the wall, hard.
“How dare you, kid! You know you’re didn’t welcome here; so, back off!” The man drags Min Hwan out before pushes him to the ground; Min Hwan gets back on his feet and planning to rush into the house again. He did manage surpasses the man to get into the house and locked the door with the man outside in the cold.
“Seunggi oppa, did you get rid of him already?” Moon Ae suddenly appeared behind him; the girl shook her head when she saw Min Hwan standing right in front of her instead of Seunggi.
“Min oppa, wha… what are you doing here?” She seems to be panic as she avoids eye contact with him. Min Hwan suddenly approaches Moon Ae and hugs her tightly.
“Moon… ah, I don’t want to know bout that man or anything else… I forgive whatever you did behind my back; just promise me you won’t do that again, ara? Oppa won’t be mad at you.” He whispers gently to her; Moon Ae keeps her silent for a while before pushes Min Hwan from herself and making a distance.
“Mianhae… oppa…” she looks at him with guilt look in her eyes.
“Gwenchanayo, Moon… oppa wont be mad at you, just don’t…”
“Anio… Mianhae, oppa… I can’t accept you anymore…” Min Hwan was shock.
“Wha… what are you talking about, Moon Ae? You… You… can’t accept me?” He tries to find some answer.
“Ne… mianhae oppa… I think we’ve done, I can’t seem to love you… mianhae…” she apologies as looking at her feet.
“Mwo? Waeyo? Did something happen? Did I do something wrong? Just tell me, I promise I’ll fix it as hard as I could… just…”
“Oppa… mianhaeyo… I didn’t mean to hurt you…” She stares into Min Hwan’s hazel eyes; she could see his heart were broken.
“Anio… you don’t have to apologies to me… just say, it’s a joke… right?” He grabs Moon Ae’s shoulder and stares into her eyes hoping to see her truth feelings; suddenly Lee Seunggi rush in the room and grabs Min Hwan’s collar before punches him hard, twice. Min Hwan was on the floor when Seunggi was about to attack him again; Moon Ae stops him, instead ordered Seunggi to send the confused Min Hwan out. Min Hwan was left outside her house; he was too surprise to believe what just happen earlier. Moon Ae watched him as he wasn’t moving from her door steps even an inch; Min Hwan was eagerly wanted to know the reason for their brake off.
Suddenly, the rain was pouring hard that evening as the sky was already dark even though the time was just 4.00pm. It was 6.00pm and Min Hwan was still standing right in front of Moon Ae’s doorstep even though he was already soaking wet by the rain. The door suddenly opens and it was Moon Ae who appeared before it; Min Hwan smiles at her as she approaches with and umbrella above her.
“Oppa… can you just leave? You’ve been standing here for two hours now; you might catch yourself a cold.” There was a worried tone in her voice.
“See, you still cares bout me…” He tries to sound calm as he was already shivering by the cold breeze despite his soaking clothes.
“Even though we’re breaking, I’m still your friend… I don’t want my friend to be sick cause by me.” There was a silent for a moment.
“Moon… ah, why did you want a break off... is it because what I ever did before? Or did you found to love that man?” He stares into her eyes; she was avoiding his
“Anio… it has nothing to do with any of those, oppa…”
“Then? Why?”
“Like I said earlier; oppa… I can’t seem to love you, I’ve tried… but I can’t… mianhaeyo…”
“But why now, after all of these years we’ve been together?”
“Because I’m tired of it oppa…I’m tired of fooling myself, and pretend to be in love with you, oppa…” Min Hwan shook his head.
“Did you ever love me?” He tries to calm his heart as spoke.
“Mianhae…oppa…” She looked at her feet and refuses to answer when Min Hwan could already know her answer by her reaction.
“You’re too nice for me oppa, you’re too good for me as I’m not as perfect as you think I am all these years.”
“I can change it if you wanted me to, I’ll change it… I promise…just don’t leave me.” He pleads.
“See? You’re being too nice to me… you would do anything I ask you to do; when even though I won’t going to do anything for you, you still going to try your hardest to pleased me… pleased… stop it oppa…” Min Hwan just stares silently at her.
“Stop sacrificing yourself for others; think for yourself for a moment...oppa. Mianhae… for hurting you, I just wish you luck on finding the right one and hoping we could be friends again; like we used to; mianhae… and please go home oppa; I don’t want Seunggi oppa to get mad at you again, please…” She spoke before giving a last kiss on his left cheek and headed into her house;
“Are you happy?” Suddenly Min Hwan spoke; making Moon Ae’s stop.
“Ne… I’m happy… and this time it’s for real…” She smirks without facing him before closing the door behind her. His tears were falling with the rain as he walks away from Moon Ae’s house headed to the playground. The rain stops afterwards living the cold breeze drying Min Hwan’s shivering self. The watch on his wrist shows it’s already 9.00pm; he gets up and headed to the nearest convenience store to bought two cans of soda for Chae Rim and himself; even though he felts dizzy from the rain earlier.
When he was back at the playground, Chae Rim was already waiting for him at their wrench; ready to tell him bout her date earlier.
“Annyeonghaseyo, Minari!” She smiles as accepting a can of soda Min Hwan offered to her. He sat beside her; tries to look calm as he was shivering and feeling unwell.
“So, what’s with the smile? You look quite happy today, Cherry…” He tries avoiding eye contact with Chae Rim as he didn’t want her to suspect anything. She was too happy with her date as she starts to talk bout it and ignoring Min Hwan for a while.
“Urm.. Minari…ah, today… Jae Wook asks me something I wouldn’t even think of.” Min Hwan was trying to stay conscious as his head was spinning.
“He asked me if I wanted to be his…” suddenly Min Hwan collapses and drop on Chae Rim’s laps; making her shock. Later, with the help of Min Ah’s boyfriend; Choi Si Won, she brought the unconscious Min Hwan back to her apartment.
“Oh my gosh, he’s burning… Urm… Min Ah, can you help me for a second?” Chae Rim asked Min Ah to look after Min Hwan’s appa back at his house according to what Min Hwan used to tell her before, as she gives a few calls to his college and workplace telling Min Hwan was going to take a leave for some days. Chae Rim was nursing Min Hwan the whole night as he was still unconscious;

The next morning, Min Hwan was surprised to see Chae Rim was fastening asleep on a couch beside him. He was trying to get up when suddenly Chae Rim woke up.
“Ya! Where are you thinking you’re going?” She stops him from getting up and tucking the bed again.
“Where am I?”
“My apartment of course! You really make us worried the whole night, you know? Where were you the whole day, you’re burning last night!” She starts to nag as she washes her face at the sink near the bed. Min Hwan refused to answer and keeping his silence for a while.
“Ya! Didn’t you hear me? Where were you the whole day?” Chae Rim raises her voice.
“Aigoo… I’m late! I better get going now, or I’ll be late for work!” Min Hwan starts to panic as he saw the clock on the wall already showing its 9.00am; Chae Rim stops him again.
“Ya! Where do you want to go now?”
“Mianhae, Cherry… but I have to go to work today; there’s supposed to be a photo shoot this morning… Kamsahamnida for your care…” He bows before headed to the door for some reason, his feeling slightly dizzy again and began to looses his balance; Chae Rim approaches him and lead Min Hwan to the nearest couch there before handed him a glass of plain water.
“Didn’t I mention you’re unconscious for the whole night?” She starts to nags again.
“But, I still have to go to work…or I’ll…”
“Gwenchanayo… I already called your office and even your college; so, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, arasso?” She helped him to get on the bed again.
“I almost forgot appa! I have to get back now; appa is staying alone the whole night!” He started to panic again; PAK!!
“Ouch! What did you do that for?” He rubs his head.
“Ya! Calm down will you, you don’t have to be worried bout everything, you know? I’ve send Min Ah and his boyfriend; Si Won to nursed your appa for the whole night.” She put a wet towel on his forehead.
“Urm… Kamsahamnida…Cherry, you’ve helped me a lot.” Even though he was still feeling weak; he tries to gives a smile to Chae Rim.
“Ne… just get better soon, ara? I still have plenty of things to ask you bout dating.” She smirks before the both starts to giggles.

Chae Rim been nursing Min Hwan for the whole three days;
“Whoa… you’re getting better…” She smirks as looking at the temperature on the thermometer; Min Hwan was just smile at her.
“Ani… you never tell me bout how you ended up being sick, Minari…” Chae Rim suddenly pops the question that makes Min Hwan felt uneasy. Min Hwan sits on the bed before starts to tell her the whole story about his broke up; he can’t seems to forget the guilt look in Moon Ae’s eyes that eve.
“Mianhae, Minari… I never knew you’re breaking with Moon Ae last night… mianhae… I should be more alert.”
“Anio… it’s not your fault; I should be more alert bout her feelings than thinking bout mine.” He stares at the window beside the bed. The mood in the room became gloomy; makes Chae Rim felt unease.
“Ya, Minari…ah, you’re feeling better, right? How bout we pay a visit to your house?” She tries to change the topic.
“My house? At this hour? Ne… sure…” After Chae Rim was sure that Min Hwan was getting better, they both take a bus to Choi’s residents near the liquor stand where Chae Rim used to drink before meeting Min Hwan; to think of it; it’s been really long since she last has a drink there. All this while, she’ll be spending an hour or two right after 8pm just to spend on some liquor there; but now, she rather spend her time sitting at the playground and chatting with Min Hwan.
“We’re here.” Min Hwan said as the bus stops in front of his house.
“Annyeonghaseyo, appa!” They both enters the house; Chae Rim looked around the house, it wasn’t as big as her family’s house but still, there’s a warm family feeling when she enters it.
“Owh, Min Hwan… ah, you’re back? How’s your trip?” Both Min Hwan and Chae Rim looked at each other, confused by the man’s words.
“Trip? What trip, appa?”
“Eh? Your friend said you’re going for a trip for three days, so that’s why they’re nursing me.”
“Ne… ne… the trip, it was quite a fun one… right Cherry?” Min Hwan glares at her as she smiles silently.
“Appa, this is Go Chae Rim… She my friend…” Min Hwan introduces Chae Rim to his father.
“Annyeonghaseyo, Mr. Choi…” She bows politely as the man just watched her.
“Annyeonghaseyo… Kamsahamnida for taking care of my son for all these while Miss Go.”
“Ah, Gwenchanayo… Eh?”
“Taking care of him at the trip…”
“Ne… ne… gwenchanayo… it’s our responsibilities to take care of our fellow friends.” She tries to sound formal again.
“Appa, did you have lunch yet? Mind as well we fix something for you at the kitchen; Cherry… ah, let’s go to the kitchen to make lunch.” Min Hwan suddenly pushes her to the kitchen while he was smiling at Mr. Choi.
“Ya, what was that all about? A trip? What trip?” he whispered with an unsatisfied tone.
“I don’t have any idea on that; maybe Si Won didn’t want to make your appa to be worried about you, that’s why he said you’re on a trip rather then telling him the truth.” She looked at Min Hwan silently.

After lunch; Min Hwan insisted on making a dessert for Chae Rim and Mr. Choi. Thus, he left Chae Rim alone with his appa while waiting.
“So, how was Minari at the trip? Did he have been a good boy?” Mr. Choi suddenly pops the question.
“Eh? Ne… he’s been behaving himself for the whole three days.” She tries to lower her tone as she spoke; making Mr. Choi giggles.
“You really bad at lying, you know that… Miss Go?” Chae Rim shook her head.
“Ne… I know he was sick the whole time, he’s been acting like a man since I left him earlier.” Again, he stares into the nearest window.
“Ani… Mianhamnida for not telling the truth at the first place… Mr. Choi.” She bows as feels guilt.
“Gwenchanayo… I know you’re just didn’t wanted me to get worried all of sudden bout Minari, right?” He gives her a warm smile.
“Ne…” she just looked at her feet; feeling embarrassed all of the sudden.
“Miss Go, kamsahamnida for being there for my son; he rarely gets attach to a person easily, he didn’t even have that much friend since he was in elementary other than Moon Ae…”
“Ne… he told me bout Moon Ae… he really cares bout her.”
“Anio… he loves her too much; maybe even being too obsess with her… but in the other hand, Moon Ae wasn’t really that into him. Minari didn’t realize that all this while.”
“Oh… that’s why they broke up…Eh?” Chae Rim covered her mouth with both hands as she just realize she just tell Mr. Choi something she shouldn’t.
“They broke up already?” Mr. Choi didn’t seem surprised bout the matter.
“Ne… Aigoo… I don’t suppose to tell you that, putakhamnida… don’t ask Minari bout that matter… or he’ll be really mad at me.” She starts to panic.
“Arasso… don’t worry bout it, I won’t going to even mention her name in front of Minari.” He said just before Min Hwan step from the kitchen with some dessert; a mango pudding. As it was already late, Min Hwan insisted her on staying for the night there.
“Annyeonghaseyo!!!!” Min Hwan voice wakes up Chae Rim from her beauty sleep; thus making her pisses off.
“Ya! What’s with the morning call?” She shout from her bed; but stop as she realize that she wasn’t at her apartment right now and felt embarrassed bout her action.
“I just want to make sure you woke up in time…” He murmured as preparing a cup of coffee.
“In time, for what?” Chae Rim peeks from the guest room door.
“In time for my morning rutine… I though I wanted you to company me on my first day of work after my leaves… what did you say bout that?” After breakfast, they both headed to the magazine company that he was hired to take pictures for before headed to the location of the photo shoot. There, Chae Rim sees Min Hwan as an other person than she usual did; he looks different when he’s working behind the camera. She even finds herself stares at him for sometimes.
That night, Min Hwan sends Chae Rim home after having a dinner with his appa at home.
“Gomawo for earlier, Minari… I really have a great time today; your appa was really a nice man.” She smiles as they arrived in front of her apartment’s door.
“Just my appa?” He smirks as glares at her.
“Ne… you’re a nice man too…” She smirks at him as turn to face him.
“Ani… I guess you better get going now, you don’t want your appa to stay home alone for too long.”
“Anio… he’s fine… why don’t we have a drink before you go to sleep?”
“Ya! It’s 1am for god sake! Aren’t you worried bout going late for work tomorrow?”
“Chill out… Cherry… I’m just kidding…” He smirks.
“Ne… then you better get going for real now… I don’t want you to be late for work tomorrow…”
“Owh… Cherry… you really care bout me that much? I’m so touch…” He spoke with a silly smirk.
“You’re really something, Minari… Annnyeongkaseyo… and good night.” She smirks before closing the door behind her; Minari can hear her giggle behind the door. Min Hwan was smiling on the whole way back to his house even when he enters the house.
“Minari… ah, you really like that girl… don’t you?” Mr. Choi pops the question when he saw his son looks happier than he ever had before after sending Chae Rim home.
“That Chae Rim girl… you really have a crush on her, didn’t you?” He smirks as waiting for his son to answer. Minari just kept his silence and hesitated on answering; he even tries to change the topic.
“Ani… appa, did you take your medicine yet? Eh, it’s already 1:30 am? We should get some sleep appa, I don’t want to be late for work tomorrow… Annyeonghi Jumusaeyo… appa.” He starts to walk nervously to his room after locking the main door; Mr. Choi just smiled as he watches his son’s reaction. He closed the door behind him and sat on his bed;
“What just happen just now? Why I can’t just say the truth to appa? Why am I’m being nervous all of the sudden?” He murmured at himself; he seems confused bout his own feeling for the whole night. The next night, Min Hwan was eagerly to meet Chae Rim like they used to; he even arrived an hour earlier than he usually did just for meeting her. Unfortunately, she didn’t show up that night; Min Hwan was upset the whole night and even skips his dinner. The next night; they meet up;
“Ya, Cherry..ah, why didn’t you showed up last night? I’ve been waiting for you the whole night, you know?” He nags as he stares at Chae Rim that was just arrived there.
“Eh? You did, Waeyo? Did something happen?” She looks clueless as siting next to the sulking-like Min Hwan.
“Ne… Why should I lie to you? Where did you go last night?” He glares at Chae Rim; making her slightly confused with his action.
“Ani… I was at home… my parents were visiting me, mianhae to make you worried; but, I’ve text you last night; saying that I can’t make it.”
“Eh? You did?” Thus, he took his phone and looked at the inbox text; she did text him, maybe he was too upset to look at his phone the whole day. He just smirks at Chae Rim that was glaring at him now.
“What did you do today, Cherry?” he tries to change the topic as he slides his phone into his pocket.
“You mean… what did me and Jae Wook does today?” She suddenly smiles excitedly at him before turning her head to the sky. Min Hwan reaction changes as he heard Jae Wook’s name spout from her mouth.
Since then, whenever Chae Rim was about to talk bout her matter and Jae Wook in front of him; like she always does, Minari got himself feeling unease and sometimes even piss off by her stories. He even tries to change the topic every time she’d talk about her relationship with Jae Wook.
Didn’t realize about his true feelings toward Chae Rim, he just act normal the whole week as Chae Rim became more confused bout his changes.
A few days later, as Min Hwan was on his way to the photo shoot location, he saw Jae Wook was at an hotel lobby with a young woman; the woman even held his hand for a few times. Min Hwan recognizes Jae Wook with the photo that Cherry showed him earlier and he was sure it was the same guy.
Suddenly his temper takes over him as he watches Jae Wook with another woman; he didn’t want Chae Rim to get hurt by that so call gentleman guy. Thus, he attempt to attack Jae Wook right after the woman were out of his sight;
“Ya, what are you think you’re doing?” Jae Wook shook his head as an unknown man suddenly shout at him.
“Excuse me, do I know you?”
“Anio… you didn’t… but I bet you know whose Chae Rim is, and I wonder who she is exactly to you?” He still tries not to calm himself.
“Chae Rim… Ne… Who are you to her? Her little boyfriend?” He smirks at Min Hwan. He pisses off by his attitude thus, punches Jae Wook hard; making Jae Wook fall to the floor.
“Ya! Don’t you ever, ever, let her cry… arasso? If you’re seriously with her, make it serious then, if you’re not… just stop this bullshit…” Jae Wook stump for a while before  get up and pull Min Hwan’s collar; Min Hwan drop hard on the floor as Jae Wook punches him, he was bleeding.
“Don’t try to teach me kid, if you really care bout her… stay away from our matter…” He spoke as glares at Min Hwan that was still on the floor before leave the hotel lobby. That night, Min Hwan was worried bout Chae Rim despite what he just saw this morning. He waited for her at the playground as he was eager to tell her the truth bout Jae Wook; but again, he was being disappointed as Chae Rim didn’t showed up. Still feeling unease, he decides to stop by her apartment just in case; he rang her doorbell twice before the door open.
“Minari… ah, what are you doing here at this hour?” He smiles as he saw Chae Rim was fine and as he bout to answer; his eyes caught the sight of Jae Wook on her couch.
“Ya! What in the hell did he doing here for?” Min Hwan suddenly burst in anger. Chae Rim drags him out of her apartment as close the door behind her.
“Ya, what did he do here for?”
“What’s wrong with you, Minari? You came into my apartment in the middle of the night, and shout at Jae Wook all of the sudden… did something happen?” Chae Rim looked into Min Hwan eyes confusedly; suddenly, without any words, he grabs her wrist and drags her to the playground. Chae Rim tries to releases her hand from Min Hwan grab a few times but failed until she suddenly pulls her hand hard enough to make him stop.
“Ya! What really happen, Minari? You’ve being acting weird…” she tries to find some answers.
“You really wanted to know who your Jae Wook’s real skin was, Chae Rim?”
“Eh? What did all of these have to do with Jae Wook?”
“You have to forget him, Cherry… I didn’t want to see you crying for that kind of man.” He grabs both of her shoulders as starring into her eyes; like he was trying to hypnotize her. Suddenly Chae Rim pushes Min Hwan away from her;
“Is that all this was about, Minari?” She looks at the confused Min Hwan.
“Eh? You already know bout all of these, Chae Rim?” She just nodded slowly.
“Then, you know bout him meeting with that woman at the hotel this morning, right?”
“Ne… I’ve already known bout it…”
“And… you’re fine with it?”
“The woman… was Eliza; his ex-girlfriend, they were breaking up… and if you saw her grabbing Jae Wook’s hands; that might because she didn’t want a break up.” She lowers her voice as spoke, Min Hwan shook his head.
“Minari… ah, Kamsahamnida for worrying bout me… I’m really happy to know that you care about me… but you don’t have to worry everything bout me… thus, you have to starts caring bout yourself, Minari… Mianhae, but… can you just go home? I didn’t want Jae Wook to suspect anything… Mianhae…” She was avoiding his eyes before turning her back on him; Jae Wook that was standing right in front of the telephone booth all these while; watching all the drama, just smirks as he watches Min Hwan’s pale expression.
As watched Chae Rim turns her back on him, Minari suddenly pulls her into his arms; hugging her tightly…without words; making Chae Rim stump for a while. Her heart was pounding fast as she had a hard time to breathe; she wanted to push Minari away from her as Jae Wook was there, but something seems to stop her from doing that. Jae Wook suddenly punches Min Hwan to the ground; before approaches him for his second attack, but lucky for Min Hwan as Chae Rim stops Jae Wook action instead, she ask him to send her home.
Chae Rim gives a last long glance at Min Hwan before leaves him sitting on the hallway alone, under the moonlight.
Since that night, Chae Rim never showed herself at the playground again; but even so, Min Hwan still waited for her every single night hoping someday she’ll be there. Every night before heading home, he’ll stop by her house to see if she’s home; but he’ll never rang her apartment’s doorbell. Slowly, Min Hwan’s personality changes from a very cheerful and friendly namja to a quite and lonesome guy; Mr. Choi was quite worried bout his son’s change.