Am I true?

3:22 AM ---
boys always the same... hummpphh!!

if you my love , you'll love me sincerely..
if you my love , you'll never do something that can make me sad..
if you my love, you'll never say goodbye..
if you my love , you'll never tear my heart..
But you're not my love, you lied me..
you make me sad..
you tear my heart into pieces..
you make my life miserable!
you make my heart die to accept another boy.. TT^TT
and girls always became the victim!!

someday he will love you
someday he will hurt you
someday he will leave you
someday he will make you cry
someday he will tear ur heart into pieces
but someday he will make u laugh
someday he will think bout you when he close his eyes..
so what ever he do to u .. dont ever give up~ heheh! ♥ <3

But sometimes...boys also can be trusted.. because certain boys are good!LOL! ^^